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  • Sachet

    • Indeterminate hybrid, tall with vigorous plant habit.
    • Broad, dark green leaves with excellent foliage cover.
    • Ideal for greenhouse or Open field production with staking
    • Recommended standard spacing: 60 * 45 cm
    • Fruits are Square oblong firm fruits turning deep uniform red color at the ripening stage.
    • Fruit harvesting start 65 – 70 after transplanting.
    • Long harvesting cycle between average 5 – 9 months under good agronomic practice in the greenhouse.
    • Ripe fruits are sweet, firm with glossy red colour.
    • Average 7 – 9 fruits per truss.
    • Shelf life – average 21 days harvested at mature green stage.
    • Plant features:
      Strong vigorous plant with good heat setting.
      Tolerant to Bacterial wilt, Fusarium & Verticillium wilt Stemphylium.
      Yield potential: Average 70 – 80 Tons / acre.
    • Recommended Spacing: 60 x 45 cm
      Seed rate per acre (gms): 50 gms
      Approx. seed count /gm: 300 seeds
    Size : 10g - 5g
  • Kilele F1 cross breed Tomato (Syngenta | 1000 Seeds) is a mixture tomato for the new market with an incredible sweet taste. The assortment is known for high creation of oval shape and exceptionally firm natural products.

    Item Features:

    Organic product yield: 30-35 tons/section of land
    Organic product size: 120-130g
    Organic product Shape: Oval
    Development: 75 days subsequent to relocating

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  • Platinum701 F1 mixture Tomato Seeds areas of strength for has and can oppose illnesses and irritations common in places with high mugginess. Platinum F1 is one of the greatest yielding mixture tomato seeds in Nigeria and other tropical regions.

    Item Features:

    Platinum F1 has solid energy.
    Platinum F1 can oppose a great deal of illnesses common in tropical regions and different regions with high mugginess.
    Natural products are oval and firm.
    It has a superb exhibition in the stormy season and dry season because of good natural product breaking resistance.

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  • We offer Roma VF tomato which is a determinate, glue style tomato created by Premier Seeds, a legitimate maker of treated crop seeds.

    Roma VF has thick, substantial tissue and somewhat couple of seeds. Likewise, the Roma VF is impervious to both Verticillium and Fusarium shrinks (subsequently the “VF”).
    The plants are smaller and yield overflowing measures of 3-inch long natural products that come out one or the other pear-or plum-molded. Set in a bright area and prepare for a huge reap.
    Days to development: 75 – 95 days.
    We convey across the country!

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  • Amiral F1-Hybrid Tomato, is a crossover reasonable for significant distance transportation in light of its magnificent solidness. It has a decent plant cover that safeguards the organic product presented to the sun. The plants have middle of the road protection from Bacterial wither sickness and bears an astounding yield.

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  • Uniform Fruit of Good Quality.
    Magnificent Yield Potential.
    Moderate Resistance to Bacterial Wilt.
    Emerald F1 Tomato, is a cross breed appropriate for significant distance transportation as a result of its great immovability. It has a decent plant cover that safeguards the natural product presented to the sun. The plants have middle protection from Bacterial wither illness and bears an incredible yield.

    Extraordinary Varietal Requirements

    Emerald F1 Tomato can be planted to lessen risk in regions with Bacterial shrink contamination.
    N.B: It is bundled and sold per seedcount and gram.

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  • Might you want to establish tomato seeds of the best assortment on your ranch? Sakata Sahara F1 Tomato Seeds is a lot of accessible here!

    We convey Sakata Sahara F1 with an amazing sweet taste, which is a determinate cross breed assortment. It is likewise known for the ideal creation of exceptionally firm, oval-formed natural products.

    It matures 74 days subsequent to relocating. This item is profoundly reasonable for dry season cultivating. It is additionally truly appropriate for all homegrown business sectors where the interest is for stretched and oval tomato organic products shape.

    Bundle Size: 1000 seeds.

    Conveyance is across the country.

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  • Rio Grande Tomato seeds are exceptionally enormous, substantial, pear-molded tomato natural products that developed to a dark red tone. This assortment is ideal for handling into tomato glue, sauce, and squeeze. It is likewise very much adjusted to outrageous temperatures and VFF safe.

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  • Assortment NAME: JAMPAKT

    Amount: 50 GRAMS

    KIND: F1 mixture tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum L.)

    TYPE: Determinate saladette

    Immovability: Good

    Development: Medium

    SEASON: Year round culture in ice free regions

    Natural product WEIGHT: 100 – 120 g

    Natural product SHAPE: Globe

    Connection POINT: Small, flawless

    Natural product Color: Shoulder light green. Awesome inner and fantastic outside tone

    Consistency: Very great

    LEAF COVER: Very great

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  • This is a result of Pop Vriend Vegetable Seeds, one of the top autonomous seed organizations in Netherlands. This specific assortments can be developed both in an open field and in the green house, they are a mid-early developing assortment. After different preliminaries conveyed in Kano, Nigeria, they were breed to be safe against the accompanying : Verticillium shrink, Late curse, Tomato spotted shrivel, Fusarum wither.

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  • We offer our customers UC82B variety of tomato seeds which are highly reputable tomato seeds characterized by relatively high yield and excellent fruit quality.

    • UC82B tomato seeds have gone through an intensive breeding program to become one of the leading seed varieties for tomatoes.
    • The seeds germinate to produce high-quality tomato fruits which are the early determinant type with good keeping quality
    • The fruits are firm, reddish and somewhat square-shaped.
    • The seed rate is 0.4-0.6 kg/ha and sow depth is 0.5 to 1 centimeters.
    • We deliver nationwide.
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