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Rambo F1 Tomato Seeds (Royal Seeds Brand)


Excellent hybrid and determinate tomato Rambo F1 is made by Royal Seeds Company. Rambo F1 Tomato Seeds is a wilt-tolerant variety with an ideal oval form.

tomato seeds attributes:

Species: Determine Maturity 75 days have passed since the fruit was transplanted.
Potential yield is 30 tonnes per acre.
Package Dimensions: 5 g and 10 g
Tolerances / Resistances: Fusarium Wilt, Verticillium Wilt, Bacterial Spot, Nematode, and high bacterial wilt tolerance
Packaging dimensions: 5g and 10g


Rambo F1 Tomato Seeds Rambo F1 Tomato Seeds (Royal S...


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Rambo F1 Tomato Seeds

Rambo F1 Tomato Seed is an excellent hybrid and determinate tomato made by Royal Seeds Company. It is a wilt-tolerant variety with an ideal oval form.

Rambo F1 Tomato Seeds Characteristics

Predict Maturity 75 days after fruit transplant, 150 grams of fruit
30 tonnes of projected yield per acre
very high transport quality and shelf life
Excellent fruit grade out up to 90% in grade one on a robust plant with consistently set and sturdy fruits.
Tolerances / Resistances:

Tolerant of high bacterial wilt
Fol: 1,2 Fusarium Wilt
(Vd & Va) Verticillium Wilt
Health Benefits Of Rambo F1 Tomato Seeds
When tomatoes are completely ripe, they are incredibly delectable and may be used in a variety of recipes and diets.

Better Cell Growth for Vision
Creating Collagen
Immune Assistance
lowering blood pressure
Boost Digestion
Damage from Smoking is reversed by lower cholesterol

Raising Tomato from Seed to Maturity
Rambo” tomatoes grow quickly and produce a large crop, thriving in sunny raised beds, containers, and other places.

Use a loose potting mix for container growth that is enhanced with organic elements and supplemented with water-retentive components like cocopeat.
Container plants normally require more regular feeding and watering, however, they can occasionally benefit from a weekly application of a half-strength fertilizer solution.
You can start hardening off seedlings in preparation for planting outside when they reach a height of approximately six inches.
When nighttime temperatures are no longer below 50°F, move outside.
Calcium Adding salt to the planting hole facilitates calcium uptake and helps to stop future issues like blossom end rot.
Install cages or posts for support while planting to avoid future root disturbance.
Six to eight hours of direct sunlight are necessary for plants each day.
Pinch off the bottom two sets of branches before planting, then bury the stem next to the bottom stems that are still there. This encourages more root growth.
Pull out suckers as soon as you see them. The tiny secondary branches known as suckers are those that emerge in a “V” shape between the main branches and the stem. By getting rid of them, energy is focused on producing fruit.
Feed your flowers every two weeks with a balanced fertilizer once they start to set.
Usually, fruits ripen in 70 to 80 days.



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