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Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds (East-West Seeds Brand) -5g


Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds is a hybrid F1 tomato seed that grows well in warm, humid circumstances and has medium to strong vigor. Large fruits and a flat, elongated shape characterize this indeterminate tomato variety. Its fruit is a rich red color, highly hard, and has a long shelf life. It has a lot of applications in greenhouse production as well.

Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds attributes

  • High yielding
  • Disease resistant
  • Large, flavorful tomatoes
  • Indeterminate growth habit
  • Mature in 80-85 days
Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds ...


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Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds

Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds are a high-yielding, disease-resistant variety that produces large, flavorful tomatoes. These tomatoes are perfect for fresh eating, canning, and sauce making.

The Vigor of Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato is Medium to Strong. It Does Well In Warm And Humid Environments. Fruits Are Large, Flat, and Round. The fruits are deep red, very firm, and with a long shelf life.

Benefits Of Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds For Health
About 95% of a Larisa F1 tomato’s weight is made up of water; the remaining 5% is primarily made up of carbs and fiber.
Vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, potassium, vitamin K, and vitamin B9 (folate) are abundant in Larisa F1 tomatoes.
The Larisa F1 tomato can lower blood glucose levels in diabetics and help prevent cancer. It can also help maintain healthy blood pressure.
Important carotenoids including lutein and lycopene are present in Larisa F1 tomatoes. These can shield the eye from harm brought on by light.

The top ten fruits and vegetables with the least amount of pesticide residue are Larisa F1 tomatoes.

Instructions For Planting And Caring For Your Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds
Criteria for water Throughout the growing season, keep the soil continuously moist.
To avoid cracked fruits and blossom end rot, moisture is essential.
Mulch the soil to stop water from evaporating.
Date of Planting
The Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds can be planted in both seasons, but for the best results, put them in a greenhouse or a nursery before transferring them to an open field.
Why You Should Purchase Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds
When compared to other ordinary tomato plants, the Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato offers improved disease resistance, which is one of its key advantages.

Verticillium and fusarium wilt, two prevalent fungal diseases that can harm tomato plants, are more resistant to them now.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds

What are the benefits of Larisa F1 Hybrid Tomato Seeds?

  • High yields: Larisa F1 produces a large quantity of tomatoes throughout the growing season.
  • Disease resistance: These seeds are resistant to common tomato diseases like Verticillium and Fusarium wilt.
  • Large, flavorful tomatoes: Larisa F1 tomatoes are known for their size, deep red color, and delicious taste.
  • Long shelf life: The firm fruits can be stored for a longer duration compared to some other tomato varieties.
  • Versatility: Larisa F1 tomatoes are suitable for fresh eating, canning, and making sauces.
  • Health benefits: They are a good source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

How do I plant and care for Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds?

  • Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist throughout the growing season, especially during fruit development. Mulching can help retain moisture.
  • Planting time: While Larisa F1 can be planted in both seasons, starting them in a greenhouse or nursery before transplanting outdoors can improve results.
  • Growing conditions: Larisa F1 thrives in warm and humid environments.

Are Larisa F1 Tomato Seeds safe?

Larisa F1 is known to be among the top vegetables with low pesticide residue levels.


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