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  • Shading : white, yellow, red,
    Material : virgin PP (EPS30R)
    Life expectancy : 5-8 years
    Size 1 : 740*555*310 mm
    Item type : transportation of live poultry: chicken, duck, goose
    Size 2 : 740*555*270 mm
    weight : 5.8-6.5 kg
    Conveyance Information:

    Our conveyance network is across the country and it requires 1-3 days after position of fruitful orders and installment. Items bought from are sturdy and of top caliber. We promise you of “zero gamble buy” insight in our shop and we put forth a valiant effort to guarantee each client is extremely happy with our items.
    In this manner, we guarantee you get the very thing you requested for and quick conveyance inside the specified transportation/conveyance length.
    As conveyance times are gauges and not ensured, delays in conveyances could be impacted by climate related postponements or occasions beyond our ability to control, notwithstanding, we generally illuminate the clients in due time.

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