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Plastic Transport Crate


Shading : white, yellow, red,
Material : virgin PP (EPS30R)
Life expectancy : 5-8 years
Size 1 : 740*555*310 mm
Item type : transportation of live poultry: chicken, duck, goose
Size 2 : 740*555*270 mm
weight : 5.8-6.5 kg
Conveyance Information:

Our conveyance network is across the country and it requires 1-3 days after position of fruitful orders and installment. Items bought from are sturdy and of top caliber. We promise you of “zero gamble buy” insight in our shop and we put forth a valiant effort to guarantee each client is extremely happy with our items.
In this manner, we guarantee you get the very thing you requested for and quick conveyance inside the specified transportation/conveyance length.
As conveyance times are gauges and not ensured, delays in conveyances could be impacted by climate related postponements or occasions beyond our ability to control, notwithstanding, we generally illuminate the clients in due time.

Plastic Transport Crate (Live Poultry) Plastic Transport Crate


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Plastic Transport Crate

This Plastic Transport Crate for poultry is extremely simple to introduce. They are intended for superior grades at negligible expense. With practically half open regions, these chicken cases give better ventilation than keeping birds sound during transportation. Smooth slide entryway openings and container body configuration can limit swelling and wing wounds.

These chicken boxes permit bird stacking protection, fast, and simple. HDPE plastic is lightweight but intense enough to use in outrageous temperatures. Plastic chicken containers are without support and won’t erode like metal enclosures because of smooth, simple-to-clean surfaces that will oppose severe cleansers, sanitizers or poultry squander.

It includes a high limit taking care of plan to ease transport, without thinking twice about security.

Inexact limit
20 – 25 grown-up birds depending upon their size.
Poultry transport case
The vehicle case or enclosures are utilized for the productive vehicle of live birds.

It is made of high-thickness polyethylene material, accordingly tough to guarantee the vehicle of grown-up poultry (chickens, ducks, and other comparative measured birds).

Its solid access entryway is utilized to add and eliminate poultry from the box. It likewise includes a slide-hook framework to limit the kickoff of the boxes/break of confined birds. An open framework configuration used to build the base, sides, and top gives ventilation during transport.

Highlights and Benefits of the Vehicle Case:
Slide-snap-lock access plan entryway. Top access entryway slides and hooks without any problem.
Containers can be serenely stacked on one another

High limit dealing with and adaptable vehicle of poultry to battery confines, markets, and so forth
After transport, birds can be physically taken out using access entryways. The cartons can be washed and cleaned for another vehicle cycle.

Its plan permits more air to flow, consequently lessening pressure-related harm to the birds.
Exceptional holes at the base assist with forestalling foot wounds during transport.
The container framework offers total care of arrangements intended for effectiveness, economy, and efficiency.

Our vehicle boxes for poultry are made of solid, sterile, and manufactured materials, consequently, they can be re-utilized as regularly as conceivable without thinking twice about wellbeing. For anything that the vehicle interaction requests, our cartons will convey the best arrangement.

Rough limit
The quantity of birds moved could differ as per area, environment, and size of carton or holder. Nonetheless, an estimated limit of 20 – 25 grown-up birds per case is suggested (this relies upon the normal size).

Answers to the Plastic Transport Crate FAQs:

1. Is this crate suitable for transporting other poultry besides chickens, like ducks or geese?

Yes, this crate can be used for transporting various poultry types like ducks and geese as long as their size is similar to adult chickens. However, it’s crucial to consider their specific needs and ensure the crate provides adequate ventilation and space for comfortable transport.

2. What are the exact dimensions of the crate?

Unfortunately, the provided text doesn’t specify the exact dimensions. Please provide the product description or any additional information about the crate’s size for an accurate answer.

3. Can the crates be securely stacked on top of each other during transport?

Yes, the crates feature a design that allows for safe stacking thanks to anti-slip edges and a sturdy structure. However, always follow stacking guidelines and ensure the weight distribution is stable for secure transport.

4. How easy is it to clean and disinfect the crate after use?

The crate is made of smooth, HDPE plastic, making it easy to clean and disinfect. You can use warm water, mild detergents, and standard poultry disinfectants. The smooth surface allows for thorough cleaning and minimizes the risk of harboring bacteria.

5. Is the crate approved for use in specific regions or by specific transport regulations?

Always check with your local authorities or transportation agencies for specific regulations regarding poultry transport crates in your region. While the material and design generally adhere to common standards, regional variations might exist.

6. Does the crate offer any protection from extreme temperatures or weather conditions?

The crate is primarily designed for enclosed transport and doesn’t offer specific insulation for extreme temperatures. However, the ventilation design allows for air circulation, which can help regulate temperature to some extent. For extreme conditions, consider additional measures like shade or temperature control during transport.

7. How much weight can the crate safely hold?

The text mentions a rough limit of 20-25 adult birds, but the exact weight capacity depends on the birds’ size and the crate’s specific dimensions. Always check the manufacturer’s specifications for the confirmed weight limit.

8. Are there any specific assembly instructions required for the crate?

The text describes the crate as “extremely simple to introduce,” suggesting minimal assembly might be needed. However, it’s important to consult any included instructions or contact the manufacturer for specific assembly details to ensure proper setup and secure use.

9. Do you offer replacement parts for the crate, such as doors or latches?

Contact the manufacturer or seller to inquire about the availability of replacement parts. They can provide information on specific parts offered and the process for purchasing them.

10. What is the warranty or guarantee on the crate?

Warranty details depend on the manufacturer and seller. Consult the product information or contact them directly for specific warranty or guarantee terms applicable to your purchase.


  • Can the crate be customized with logos or branding?

Customization options might vary depending on the manufacturer. Contact them directly to inquire about the possibility of branding or logo personalization.



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