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Burdizzor for cattle


We sell castrators which are one of the burdizzo castrator veterinary instruments. This item is appropriate for the emasculation of all male livestock.

They are generally used to bloodlessly annihilate the spermatic (or testicular) line without getting through the skin.

It offers the most secure, speediest, and cleanest way of emasculating all periods of homestead stock.

You can purchase elastic rings alongside the item for consistent mutilation.

Castrator Burdizzor for cattle


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Castrator is one of the burdizzo castrator’s veterinary instruments. The offered item is one of the most normally utilized burdizzo devices for creature emasculation.

They are generally used to bloodlessly obliterate the male spermatic rope without getting through the skin.

The most secure, fastest, and cleanest way of mutilating all times of homestead stock.

There is a choice of purchasing elastic rings alongside the item for consistent maiming.

Product highlights

Made of excellent hardened steel, durable, tough, and rust-proof.

It likewise accompanies maiming elastic rings/groups for simpler mutilation for creatures.

Guarantees bloodless maiming.

Item size: 8.26″L x 4.33″W (21 x 11cm)

Item weight: 0.35 lbs

Why maiming a creature?

To stop the creation of androgens and semen.

It is more valuable for you to deal with your dairy cattle after maiming as it lessens forcefulness.

To fortify homestead security for makers and representatives.

It can likewise further develop the meat nature of the maimed creatures (for example pig corrupt in pork).

To forestall heredity or move of unwanted characteristics.

To decrease indiscriminate mating among creatures.

For conception prevention.

How would you emasculate?

Pick and utilize the proper size of castrators as per the size of the creature.

Find the spermatic rope. It enters the creature’s body from the balls. It is about the size of a pencil and effectively moves from one side to the next on palpation.

Effectively position the castrator for pounding. Pulverize with the castrator for around 5 minutes.

Delivery the castrator, move it to another site 1 to 2cm underneath the main site, and rehash a similar activity.

Note that the non-squashed space keeps up with the water system and keeps from gangrene.

Execute these procedure on the testicular (or spermatic) line of the subsequent testis.

Safety measures

Never attempt to smash at the same time both testicular lines. This might be ineffectual and may harm the castrator.

Actually look at the creatures following four to about a month and a half to guarantee testicular decay.

Maiming ought to be done under the oversight of experienced administrators.

Kindly immobilize the creatures prior to utilizing this apparatus on them.


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