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Vanguish is a successful insect poison. It has Acetamiprid and Lambda-cyhalothrin as its constituents.

Contact and Systemic insect poison on cow pea, cotton, watermelon and vegetable.
Acetamiprid 3,5%
Lambda-cyhalothrin 1.5%
The Vanguish insect poison is a contact and foundational insect spray that safeguards your harvests like cowpea, cotton, watermelon, vegetables, and soybean from aphids, hatchlings, colorado scarabs and so on During wet seasons particularly, bugs will be a neglected issue on your ranch with Vanguish. It thumps down a wide range of bugs underneath the injury level.

Vanguish has as its significant parts Acetamiprid and Lambda-cyhalothrin. It is an exceptionally fundamental and contact insect poison for foliar and stem application and is dynamic especially against sucking bugs and biting bugs. It plays out an expansive range extended remaining movement by controlling bug bothers; which incorporates aphids, thrips, whiteflies, diamondback moth, leaf excavator, African bollworm, unit drill, stem drills and leaf insect in a wide scope of palatable and fancy yields.

The Mode Of Action Of These Components Are Explained Thus:
Lambda-cyhalothrin kills either by ingestion or contact. It upsets the working of the sensory system in an organic entity causing loss of motion or passing. While then again, Acetamiprid focuses on the sensory system of the bug bother causing loss of motion or passing.

Here Are Major Features Of The Vanguish Insecticide
Dynamic Ingredient: Lambda-cyhalothrin and Acetamiprid
Bundling: 1L.
Portion Rate: 1Lt/ha.
Appearance: Comes in a fluid structure
It is a foundational and contact insect spray with an expansive range
It is utilized for the control of bug bugs
Apply at the beginning of bug pervasion and when the development of bug is seen.


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