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Ear Tag for Large Livestock


Ear Tag for Large Livestock

Ear Tag for Large Livestock incorporate clear labels and laser numbered choices. They are demonstrated for use on both meat and dairy cows.

Each is a two-section tag, applied through the ear of the singular creatures with an ear label implemented.

The cost here is for a bunch of 100 pieces. We have different tones accessible also.

Ear Tag for Large Livestock Ear Tag for Large Livestock


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Ear Tag for Large Livestock

Ear Tag for Large Livestock urges the capacity to oversee animals which has regularly been restricted by ID strategies. Albeit the utilization of clear ear labels and checking pens offer the most extreme adaptability in numbering steers, ink blurs over the long run and makes it difficult to peruse labels in the field/field. Hence, laser engraved pre-numbered labels guarantee long-haul lucidness and deal simplicity of distinguishing proof of inked numbers.

Ear Tag for Large Livestock are shown for the accompanying:

To empower ranchers to have visually recognizable proof of animals (consequently helps screen their development, wellbeing, and multiplication).

To assist with controlling reproducing, plagues, quarantine, and so forth

For simplicity of record-keeping (field data) and the executives of animals.


Producer/Country of Origin: Hebei Alien/China.

Numbering: Laser-printed three-digit numbering on a line (001 to 100) for simple stock taking. The numeric code tallness goes from 16mm to 32 mm.

Predominant intelligibility: Tag boards empower simple permeability, numbers are likewise simpler to peruse because of dim and apparent laser numeric codes against bright differentiating boards.

Non-blur numbers: Exclusive laser printing ensures the numbers: can’t blur, are hotness and bright beam (UV) safe, and don’t respond to changes in temperature and moistness. Accordingly the ear labels last longer.

Sealed one-piece configuration: Coupled labels won’t resume, tangle, or break when exposed to direct power. Labels don’t soften in field temperature conditions.

Shading: Lemon yellow and different tones are accessible:

For simple ID on the ear of animals.

Material: Durable and high-grade thermoplastic polyurethane material | Anti-yellowing/shading properties.

Bundling: Our labels are stuffed in acceptable quality polyethylene packs containing 100 bits of ear labels.

Covered metal tip on male: Self-piercing rust confirmation tip which guarantees spotless and exact entry point on the ear. Labels are water safe, accordingly simple to sanitize before application.

Similarity: Tag units are viable with proficient/suggested ear label implements for little and enormous animals.

Versatility: A longer male stem assists with the higher situations in the ear-numbered creature ear labels with male circles.

Measurements (rough)

Ear tag for huge ruminants (coordinated with pair set – male and female)

Male (button stretched circle with metal point toward one side): Diameter = 28mm, Height = 20mm

Female (banner molded tag): Length = 94mm, Width = 72mm


While applying ear labels to your domesticated animals, focus on the situating of the ear tag just as it is heading, taking into account what part faces the creature.

Likewise, guarantee legitimate sanitization strategy is clung to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Ear Tags for Large Livestock

What are the benefits of using ear tags for large livestock?

  • Improved Animal Management: Ear tags provide a permanent and reliable method for identifying individual animals, allowing ranchers to track their growth, health, and breeding history.
  • Enhanced Disease Control: Ear tags can be used to record vaccination information and help identify animals requiring quarantine procedures.
  • Simplified Record Keeping: Ear tags make it easier to maintain accurate field data and manage livestock populations.

What are the advantages of laser-colored ear tags?

  • Laser-Printed Numbers: Laser engraving ensures permanent, clear numbers that won’t fade, blur, or rub off due to weather or harsh conditions.
  • High Visibility: Bright contrasting colors on the tag body enhance readability, making it easier to identify animals from a distance.
  • Durability: High-grade materials resist cracking, breaking, or softening in extreme temperatures.
  • Sealed Design: One-piece construction prevents the tag from coming apart or snagging.
  • Water Resistance: Tags are water-resistant and easy to sanitize before application.
  • Compatibility: These tags are compatible with standard ear tag applicators for both small and large animals.

What information can be included on the ear tag?

The information provided mentions three-digit laser-printed numbering for simple stocktaking. However, specific details might vary depending on the manufacturer and local regulations. Ear tags can also include:

  • Barcodes: Enable quick scanning for data retrieval.
  • RFID Chips: Offer advanced tracking capabilities through electronic readers.
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