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Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter


The temperature and humidity meter is multi-functional and is characterized by large character LED display, low power consumption, as well as high stability and accuracy. It is suitable for use in livestock houses and for general indoor use.

Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter Digital Temperature and Humidi...


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Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter shows temperature, moistness, and time all the while. Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter is a convenient handheld gadget, that comprises a pointer and sensor.

It can quantify the dampness noticeable all around, including relative moistness.

Temperature and mugginess meters are likewise equipped for estimating temperature and can show both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.

Not all temperature and stickiness meters will want to gauge temperature and mugginess. They are for the most part battery-fueled,

The most effective method to utilize the meter

Stage 1 – Turn on the meter (after the force button has been squeezed it very well might be important to trust that the instrument will adjust. The screen will show when the meter is prepared).

Stage 2 – Set the meter (utilize the fitting buttons to choose the capacity (temperature, dampness, and so forth,) An image will show up on the presentation for the applicable capacities. Additionally, guarantee the gadget is showing the right unit for you).

Stage 3 – Take perusing (move the gadget to the area you wish to gauge and check out the showcase, record your perusing as required).

Stage 4 – Changing the perusing (if you wish to adjust the unit between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit or change the capacity, on most temperature dampness meters it is feasible to do this while the instrument is being used, utilizing similar buttons as in the setup).

Stage 5 – Holding, limiting, or augmenting the perusing (much of the time the readings vacillate constantly and by squeezing the hold button you can freeze the perusing on screen. On the other hand, press the MIN/MAX button once to show the base perusing and again to show the greatest).

Essential Functions of Digital Temperature and Humidity Meter

Clock (12 or 24 hours) show

Temperature (degree Celsius or Fahrenheit) show

Moistness show and schedule show

Least/greatest temperature and stickiness show

Quarter ringer with hourly toll capacity and alert capacity

Work area putting or wall decoration

Essential hour alert capacity


Temperature Range: – 50 °C to +70 °C ( – 58°F – + 158°F )

Temperature Accuracy: +or – 1° C (1.8° F)

Temperature Resolution: 0.1 °C (0.2° F)

Mugginess Range: 10% RH to close to 100% RH

Mugginess Accuracy: +or – 5% RH

Mugginess Resolution: 1%

Item measurement: 100 x 110 x 21.5 mm

Weight: Approximately 145 g

Memory Function: When pressing the button MEMORY, it could show the memory of temperature and mugginess greatest and least

Time Function: Besides the essential time show, this thing likewise has a morning timer and schedule show (month and date)

Battery worked: Require 1 x AAA battery (included)

Capacity Condition: – 20° C – 60°C, 20 – 80 % RH


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