Gas Brooder with Infrared Functions


Gas Brooder with Infrared Functions helps provide a source of heat for floor-reared chicks. They utilize natural gas or methane, connected to a heating element hung 3 to 5 feet above the chick/pen floor.

  1. This product works well with brooder guards (often in a diameter of 5 which can hold about 200 chicks).
  2. Thus, the brooder guard is raised in the middle of the circle.
  3. The maximum heat source from this device can serve up to 1000 or more brooding birds
  4. Recommended gas use is 0.2kg/hr for 1000 capacity brooder and 0.4kg/hr for the 2000 birds capacity.
  5. This brooder does not come with a thermostat, thus it works via manual adjustment of the gas-flow/know and height level to control heat intensity. Kindly click here to buy the digital temperature and humidity meter which can be adapted as well.
  6. The 2000 capacity is based on pre-order and could take 3 weeks to deliver.
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Newly hatched chicks are delicate creatures, and their survival hinges on maintaining a consistent, comfortable temperature. Traditional gas brooders, while effective, can have drawbacks like uneven heat distribution, air drafts, and potential burns. Enter the gas brooder with infrared functions, a game-changer in poultry farming.

Benefits of Infrared Gas Brooders:

  • Targeted warmth: Infrared radiation penetrates deep into the chicks’ bodies, providing gentle, localized heat that mimics natural brooding.
  • Improved chick health: Consistent, draft-free warmth fosters optimal development, leading to stronger chicks with better feed conversion and higher survival rates.
  • Energy efficiency: Infrared technology uses less gas compared to conventional brooders, translating to lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact.
  • Precise control: Adjustable heat settings allow you to tailor the temperature to the chicks’ specific needs as they grow.
  • Safer environment: The enclosed burner and infrared radiation minimize the risk of burns and fire hazards.

Functions of a Gas Brooder with Infrared:

  • Ceramic infrared emitter: This element converts gas energy into radiant heat, effectively warming the chicks without open flames.
  • Adjustable burner: Control the gas flow to regulate the heat intensity and maintain the desired temperature.
  • Pilot light: Ensures easy ignition and continuous operation.
  • Automatic thermostat: Maintains a pre-set temperature, eliminating the need for manual adjustments.
  • Hanging system: Allows for easy installation and height adjustment to accommodate different chick sizes.

Investing in the Well-being of Your Flock

A gas brooder with infrared functions is a worthwhile investment for any poultry farmer seeking to optimize chick growth and survival. By providing gentle, targeted warmth, you create a nurturing environment that promotes healthy development and maximizes your return on investment.

Weight 2500 kg


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