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Our rope (or cord) adjuster is needed by poultry farmers for waterline and feeder setting.

  • Made with high-quality plastic materials, the product is of standard size which makes it easy to use with other accessories.
  • It is suitable for use in poultry pens including broilers, layers, ducks, turkeys, etc.
  • Our cord adjuster can also be used to set the right line-height and slope of the drinking system.
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Rope agent

Our rope agent is a line changing plate for poultry drinking lines (like areola consumers) and taking care of lines.

Made with top notch plastic materials, the item is of standard size which makes it simple to use with different adornments.

It is appropriate for use in poultry pens including grills, layers, ducks, turkeys, and so forth

Our string agent can likewise be utilized for line acclimation to set the right line-stature and slant of the drinking framework.

Utilizing this item, ranchers can set the stream rate or strain of the waterline framework to reliably convey the perfect measure of water to their birds.

Item includes

Long utilizing life

Furthermore, the standard size makes it simple to use with different parts

Extras: Bell drinking frameworks, areola frameworks

Sub-family: Water circulation lines

Impacts of an excess of water on poultry

Spillage prompts helpless litter quality.

Smelling salts levels increment and this might possibly cause respiratory and eye issues.

Footpad medical issues and diminished bird versatility.

Bosom rankles and corpse judgments.

Impacts of too little water

Diminished water utilization at last prompts diminished feed utilization.

Dusty conditions in the horse shelter resulting to low dampness levels can likewise prompt respiratory wellbeing hazards.


Inclined houses can bring about lopsided water tension from one finish of the house to the next.

Lopsided strain regularly brings about hindered development and an absence of consistency across the herd.

To oblige the incline, a slant controller or rope agent ought to be added at specific stretches across the house.

They bring down the approaching water strain to a more fitting level to neutralize the issues related with inclined lines.

Airtight chambers

Airtight chambers can be a typical issue if watering lines are lopsided. They happen in high spots in the line and can forestall water streams to the areas past the airtight chamber. To address sealed areas, change the lines (utilizing rope/line agents) cautiously so they are straight.

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