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Chick Guard High Quality | Plastic Model – Promo


A brooder monitor is utilized during the principal little while of agonizing. It keeps the chicks close to the hotness source and drafts.

The utilization of brooder monitors has been shown as protected and helpful. It arrives in a roll that can fan out into a circle or pleated or collapsed to make corners.

You can get as numerous as you need, contingent upon the number of your chicks.

Chick Guard High Quality | Plastic Model – Promo Chick Guard High Quality | Pla...


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Chick guard for protecting chicks

Chick Guard High Quality | Plastic Model – Promo is made of strongly suggested plastic material for poultry executives.

This item can be washed, rolled, and moved. What’s more, it includes longer toughness than ordinary gatekeepers.

It shields chicks from devastation and safeguards them from likely injury.

Legitimate agonizing is fundamental for the early turn of events and development, group consistency, well-being, and productivity. Truth be told, there is an unmistakable connection between’s first-week execution and last execution measurements.

Chick Guard: Product highlights

Tallness: The plastic brooder monitor goes from 20 to 24 crawls in stature (This makes for simple access but is sufficiently high to shield the chicks from drafts).

Length: 12 to 15 feet

The suggested number of birds per set/loading: 300 – 350 chicks

The brooder can be set up with the sheets around the external edge.

Utilize the given stands/support for dependability.

Note: that once the chicks begin to feather out, be cautious that they don’t fly over the watchman!

The size of the brooder monitor rings can be reached without issues.

The restricted view helps quiet the creatures down and the hold shape ensures air dissemination.

An overhead light which serves as a light and hotness source can be very much adjusted and hung over the arrangement.


1. Protect your chicks from potential harm by using a Chick Guard shield.
2. Stop predators from attacking your livestock with our effective and reliable protection system.
3. Keep unwanted animals away from your flock by installing the perfect defense system against wild predators.
4. Provide maximum safety for chicks, ensuring their survival in the most hostile environments possible.
5. Monitor and track the location of each chick individually, giving you a complete overview of their whereabouts and well-being at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Chick Guard?

A Chick Guard is a portable plastic enclosure specifically designed to protect young chicks during their most vulnerable stages. It creates a safe and secure environment for them to grow while deterring predators and other threats.

What are the benefits of using a Chick Guard?

  • Protection from Predators: Chick Guards shield chicks from attacks by wild animals like foxes, hawks, and other potential threats.
  • Reduces Stress: The limited view provided by the Chick Guard can help calm chicks and reduce stress levels.
  • Improved Airflow: The Chick Guard design allows for proper air circulation while keeping chicks warm.
  • Easy Monitoring: The Chick Guard allows for easy access to chicks for monitoring and feeding.
  • Washable and Reusable: Made from plastic, the Chick Guard can be easily washed and reused for multiple broods.

What are the dimensions of a Chick Guard?

The information provided mentions a range for height (20-24 inches) and length (12-15 feet). The exact dimensions may vary depending on the specific model.

How many chicks can a Chick Guard hold?

The suggested capacity is 300-350 chicks per set. This number can vary depending on the size and breed of your chicks.

How tall will the Chick Guard be compared to the chicks?

The Chick Guard is designed to be high enough to prevent chicks from escaping as they grow. Be mindful that as chicks mature and feather out, they may be able to fly over the guard.

Can a light source be used with the Chick Guard?

Yes, the Chick Guard is designed to allow for an overhead light source to be hung inside the enclosure for warmth and illumination.

Is the Chick Guard easy to assemble and move?

The Chick Guard is advertised as being easy to assemble, disassemble, roll up, and move due to its lightweight plastic construction.

How long can chicks stay in the Chick Guard?

Chicks can remain in the Chick Guard until they are fully feathered and large enough to avoid predators and escape the enclosure. This typically occurs around 6-8 weeks of age.


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