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Electric Scalding Machine


Electric Scalding Machine offers a blend of proficiency just as efficient choices for the quick handling of poultry for ranchers/sellers.

It is a suggested hardware/venture for handling birds prior to being moved to the programmed de-padding machine. The overall strides for suggested poultry handling include:

Poultry transport to the slaughterhouse – snare mechanical production system – shock/butcher – blood draining – singing – feather-culling – destruction/handling – washing – pre-chilling – cutting – pressing.

Force Consumption: 3kw limit | Diesel generator of 10kva or more self-control it helpfully

Electric Scalding Machine Electric Scalding Machine


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Electric Scalding Machine is subsequently demonstrated for use related to the de-padding machine for the expulsion of quills from poultry birds (ovens, old layers, cockerels, turkeys, and so forth)

Electric Scalding Machine Components

The 70-liter electric singing machine has a functional limit with regards to handling 1-15 birds for each cluster, while the 120 liters has a functional limit with respect to handling 5-10 birds for every incubate.

Tempered steel material/lodging for strength and longer help life.

A contort handle temperature setting console with easy to understand controls.

Touchy indoor regulator control switches with warmer pointer lights (Heat On, Heat-Ready).

70 liters/120 liters water-box limit

Warming strategy: Electric warming/steam warming, material 201/304 treated steel

Voltage: 220v-240/50hz-60Hz.

Material: Stainless Steel.

High warm mass ability to singe 10kg clumps of butchered poultry.

Electric Scalding Machine offers a similarly practical force choice than the utilization of gas.

The machine is not difficult to clean and the elements are fitted with channels and outlets.

Headings for use

Fill the scalder with water (fill to about a portion of the water box).

Change the indoor regulator to the “O” position, and module, then, at that point, switch on the machine.

Reset the indoor regulator to the ideal temperature (80 to 90 degrees).

When the water has been warmed to the ideal temperature (as shown by the indoor regulator), inundate the butchered birds into the water box and disturb them momentarily.

When the wing feathers are effectively pulled out, the singing system is considered finished.


Try not to leave the bird in the scalder.

Singe sufficiently long so quills can be picked.

Leaving birds in the water causes pointless drops in water temperature and harms the skin.


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