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Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) – 8kg Capacity


As a poultry rancher, ensuring your birds are all around taken care of is the first concern, as they need to get to quality chicken feed to keep a decent eating routine and further develop usefulness.

Our Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) – 8kg Capacity offer novel taking care of choices with extraordinarily adjusted ports for selective taking care of and decreased feed wastage.

Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) – 8kg Capacity Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) ...


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Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) – 8kg Capacity are suggested standing use feeders for floor raised poultry chicks, pullets, and poults. They are demonstrated for level amazed frameworks, in this manner are prudent for little and medium scale ranchers.

Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) – 8kg Capacity highlights emptied covers to assist with forestalling chicken feed quarrels and feed flicking. Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) – 8kg Capacity helps the rancher screen food levels to realize when to top off as the feed box is topped off naturally because of gravity activity when the birds burn through feed.

Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) – 8kg Capacity Components

Lightweight and sturdy taking care of drum/plate.

14 taking care of hollows/outlets

Produced using excellent plastic – no rusting!

Non-poisonous and simple to clean.

Requires insignificant upkeep.

It can oppose high tension.

Limit: 6 kg of poultry feed

Simple to top off and keeps wastage from spills

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Hollow Feeders (Gravity-Type) – 8kg Capacity

General Use:

  • What type of poultry are these feeders for? These feeders are designed for floor-raised poultry chicks, pullets, and poults.

  • Are they suitable for large-scale poultry farms? These feeders are recommended for small and medium-scale farms due to their 8kg capacity.

  • Do they work with tiered or multi-level coop setups? No, these feeders are designed for use on the ground and are not suitable for level-raised systems.

Features and Benefits:

  • Why do they have empty covers? The empty covers help prevent feed squabbles and minimize feed flicking from the feeder.

  • How do I know when to refill the feeder? The feeder is transparent, allowing you to easily monitor feed levels. As the birds eat, the feed automatically refills the feeder base due to gravity, so you’ll know when to top it off.

Feeder Construction and Maintenance:

  • What material are the feeders made of? These feeders are made of high-quality plastic, which is rustproof.

  • Are they safe for poultry? Yes, they are non-toxic and easy to clean.

  • How much maintenance do they require? They require minimal maintenance due to their simple design and smooth plastic surface.

  • How much weight can they withstand? The feeders can withstand high tension from poultry pecking at the feeder.

  • What is the feed capacity? The feeders have a maximum capacity of 8kg, but the FAQ mentions a 6kg limit. It’s best to consult the product specifications for the exact capacity.


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