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Fowl Pox Injector (For Poultry) (6ml)


The Fowl Pox Injector staays one of the most mind-blowing quality poultry programmed injectors. In contrast to others with customizable adjustment, the Automatic Syringe accompanies aligned barrels.

Fowl Pox Injector Fowl Pox Injector (For Poultry...


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Fowl Pox Injector

The extraordinary barrel alignment of this sort of programmed needle makes it an ideal apparatus for everybody including new ranchers who are not yet acquainted with needle adjustment and are known to erroneously wind up infusing 0.6ml or 0.4ml rather than 0.5ml because of an off-base alignment.

The Fowl Pox Injector is generally suggested for poultry and other little creatures given its adjustment which is under 1ml.

In situations where the necessary dose for different animals is 0.75ml and lower, it stays each rancher’s ideal choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Fowl Pox Injector

What is a Fowl Pox Injector?

The Fowl Pox Injector is a specialized tool designed to administer vaccines to poultry and other small animals.

What are the benefits of using a Fowl Pox Injector?

  • Precise Dosing: The injector is designed for doses under 1ml, ensuring accurate administration of vaccines, particularly for smaller animals where the precise dosage is crucial.
  • Easy to Use: The injector features a unique “extraordinary barrel alignment” that simplifies needle positioning. This is particularly helpful for new farmers who might struggle with manual needle adjustments on other injectors, potentially leading to inaccurate dosages.

Who is the Fowl Pox Injector ideal for?

  • New Farmers: The easy-to-use design with proper needle alignment minimizes the risk of accidental under or over-dosing for those unfamiliar with precise needle adjustments.
  • Poultry Farmers: The dosing range (under 1ml) perfectly suits the vaccination needs of poultry.
  • Small Animal Veterinarians: This injector can be a suitable option for administering vaccines to other small animals requiring precise dosing below 0.75ml.

Can the Fowl Pox Injector be used for larger animals?

No, the Fowl Pox Injector is designed for doses under 1ml. For larger animals requiring higher dosages, a different injector with a larger capacity would be necessary.

What are some things to consider when using a Fowl Pox Injector?

  • Always follow the specific instructions provided by the vaccine manufacturer and veterinarian regarding dosage and administration technique.
  • Ensure proper hygiene practices when using the injector to prevent the spread of disease between animals.
  • Regularly maintain the injector according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.


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