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Battery Cages For Broilers (3 Tiers | 200 Chicks | 100 Mature Birds)


“Revolutionize your broiler poultry farming with our cutting-edge Battery Cages for Broilers! 🐔🔋 Elevate your production efficiency and maximize space utilization like never before. With 3 tiers of smartly designed comfort, you can house 200 chicks and nurture 100 mature birds per unit of poultry equipment. 🏠🌿


  • 3 tiers, each with a capacity of 200 chicks or 100 mature birds
  • Made of durable galvanized steel
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Removable drinkers and feeders
  • Nipple drinkers prevent water spillage
  • Smooth, curved edges prevent injuries


  • Provides adequate space for broilers to grow and develop
  • Easy to clean and disinfect, reducing the risk of disease
  • Removable drinkers and feeders make feeding and watering easy
  • Nipple drinkers prevent water spillage
  • Smooth, curved edges prevent injuries

Order your Battery Cages For Broilers today and give your birds the best possible start in life!

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Battery Cages For Broilers Battery Cages For Broilers (3 ...


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Battery Cages For Broilers (3 Tiers | 200 Chicks | 100 Mature Birds)

These battery cages are designed specifically for broilers, providing them with the space and comfort they need to grow and thrive. The cages are made of durable materials and are easy to clean, making them a long-term investment for your poultry farm.

Say goodbye to cramped spaces and hello to healthier flocks! 🚀 Our cages prioritize the well-being of your broilers, ensuring ample ventilation, easy feeding, and minimal stress. 🌬️🥄 Plus, the durable construction guarantees lasting performance, giving you an unbeatable return on investment poultry cages

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Beginning: Locally created confines.
Levels: 3 levels.
Limit: 200 chicks | 100 mature ovens for every unit.
Aspects: 6.5 ft (198.12 cm) by 3.2 ft (97.5 cm) by 6 ft (182.9 cm)
Wire network wrapping up: Fully aroused.
Feeder frameworks: Plastic feeders for chicks and PVC feeders for grown-up birds.
Drinking frameworks: Automatic drinking frameworks with plastic/cup/areola consumers.
We frequently suggest a space of 3 feet between the enclosures and every one of the four sides of the walls.
Qualities of the 200 chicks limit confine;
Each enclosure column can hold 42 chicks.
Each enclosure column can hold 21 grown-up/mature ovens.
An entire unit contains 6 enclosures in 3 levels (2 lines of enclosures for every level).
We additionally give:
One year guarantee
If it’s not too much trouble, note that deferral of conveyance by the client following fourteen days draws in additional charges.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Battery Cages for Broilers (3 Tiers | 200 Chicks | 100 Mature Birds)

What are these cages designed for?

These battery cages are specifically designed to house broiler chickens, providing them with space and comfort during their growth stages.

How many birds can these cages hold?

Each unit can hold up to 200 chicks or 100 mature broilers. Each cage tier can accommodate 42 chicks or 21 mature birds.

What are the dimensions of the cages?

Each cage unit measures approximately 6.5ft (198cm) long, 3.2ft (97.5cm) wide, and 6ft (182.9cm) tall.

What features do the cages have?

  • Fully enclosed wire mesh for ventilation
  • Plastic feeders for chicks and PVC feeders for adult birds
  • Automatic drinking systems with plastic/cup/nipple drinkers
  • Recommended spacing of 3 feet between cages and surrounding walls

What are the benefits of these cages?

  • Provide ample space and comfort for broilers
  • Ensure proper ventilation
  • Facilitate easy feeding and watering
  • Durable construction for long-lasting use

What is the warranty offered?

These cages come with a one-year warranty.

What are the shipping terms?

Please note that delayed pick-up by the customer after 14 days may incur additional charges.


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