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Commercial Day Old Pullet – Hyline Brown (Agrited brand)


The Hyline Brown is well known for its high peak laying rates, stable eggshells, outstanding laying performance persistence, and excellent health.

The hen is ideal for a variety of management systems, such as battery cages, free-range, or deep litter, as it consistently lays magnificent brown eggs.

*As a reminder, the price shown is for a carton of 50-day-old chicks.

Buy commercial day-old pullet, Hyline Brown


1. Get the Agrited brand day-old pullet, the most reliable layer bird on the Nigerian market which can be adapted to various management approaches and environmental circumstances.
2. Enjoy improved egg production due to its natural heat tolerance and fast-growth traits
3. Enhance flock health and reduce mortality due to our strict biosecurity measures.
4. Benefit from increased feed efficiency thanks to its superior genetics when compared with conventional poultry products.
5. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your commercial day-old pullets have gone through our rigorous vaccine program for optimal protection against disease outbreaks.

What is the lifespan of a Hy-Line Brown? Depend on Management

At what age do Hy-Line Brown chickens start laying? 18weeks

Where to buy day-old pullets ? always available on

Commercial Day Old Pullet – Hyline Brown (Agrited brand) very good in laying Egg Commercial Day Old Pullet – Hy...


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The Commercial Day Old Pullet – Hyline Brown (Agrited brand), which adapts well to various management approaches and environmental circumstances, is one of the best layer birds available on the Nigerian market.
It is the best option for both small- and large-scale farmers because of its great feed conversion ratio and affordability.
Please count your Agrited brand day-old pullet while the driver is still present before departing from the delivery location. Once you are certain that the delivery person or driver has seen any loss, and you have confirmed this with us. Once we verify or corroborate the loss or inconsistency at delivery, you will receive compensation.

On Agrited brand day old pullet, Farmpays makes no warranty or guarantee on:

scheduled for delivery to destinations that are far away.
which suffer fatalities after arriving at fields and moving forward
For routine observation and treatment, we advise hiring licensed vets (as well as consulting the recommended vaccine and medication schedule).
Please be aware of our day-Cost of commercial day-old pullets is revised every \ week in accordance with market pricing.


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