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Large White Grower Pigs (Exotic Breed | Female)


Elevate your swine operation with the Large White Grower Pig, the industry standard for exceptional growth rate, feed efficiency, and carcass quality. Discover their benefits, functions, and why they’re the perfect fit for your farm.


  • Rapid Growth: Renowned for their fast growth rate, Large White Grower pigs reach market weight faster, optimizing feed conversion and reducing production costs.
  • Outstanding Feed Efficiency: Convert feed into lean muscle with exceptional efficiency, maximizing profitability and minimizing environmental impact.
  • Superior Carcass Quality: Large Whites produce desirable carcasses with high lean meat yield and optimal fat distribution, fetching premium prices at market.
Large White Grower Pigs Large White Grower Pigs (Exoti...


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Exotic Large White Grower Pigs Breeds

At very affordable costs, we raise and market unique huge white grower pigs. We recognize the value of populating your farm with top-notch animals, as doing so ensures a speedy return on your investment.

Our huge white post-weaning pigs have received vaccinations and deworming treatments.
PKC (53%), maize bran (28%), soybean meal (16%), bone meal (2%), salt (0.5%), and premix (0.2%) are suggested feed ingredients for pigs.
A rare breed of pig renowned as the top producer of bacon is the giant white grower pig.
We have huge, white weaners that are both male and female.

Attributes of Large White Grower Pigs

A giant white grower pig has a broad snout, a face that is slightly depressed, and a head that is moderately long.
It has a delicate, long neck that is equally filled from shoulders to chest, which is deep and wide.
They also possess a long, level, and wide back.
These pigs typically weigh between 20 kg and 30 kg.
Large White grower pigs have a high-quality carcass.
The breed produces a lot of offspring and consumes feed effectively.



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