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Sangrovit Phytogenic Feed Supplement(Water-Soluble / Feed-Grade)


Sangrovit Phytogenic Feed Supplement Sangrovit Phytogenic Feed Supp...


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Sangrovit Phytogenic Feed Supplement

Our Sangrovit Phytogenic Feed Supplement product offering guarantees steady feed consumption all through testing periods, supporting the bird in the present creation frameworks and having a positive commitment to effective poultry meat or egg creation. With Sangrovit® you balance out and fortify your benefits consistently. Solid birds make your life simpler!!

Protected dynamic substances

Normalized plant fixings

Logically demonstrated in preliminaries

Turns out successfully for ideal outcomes


Type: For creatures

Creature type: Cattle, poultry

Structure: Solid

Capacity: For the invulnerable framework, for stress treatment

Source: Plant-based


Sangrovit Phytogenic Feed Supplement is a valuable feed in astute quality. It is suitable for all creature species and comprises of acids and exceptional dynamic parts from a plant extricate, for example, quaternary Benzophenanthridine alkaloids and Protopine alkaloids, which are preprocessed and made accessible in a particular, protected cycle. The adequacy of SANGROVIT® WS has been demonstrated in a wide scope of broad college tests. SANGROVIT® WS isn’t viable as an anti-toxin however works practically concerning prosperity and wellbeing status.

Regardless of the case, it is ovens, turkeys, layers, reproducers, ducks, or geese – the present birds are high-performing creatures relying upon a decent supplement supply to satisfy their nourishing requests. Numerous stressors like feed change, microorganism strain, or transport can prompt an unsettling influence on the ordinary physiological status of gut uprightness and capacity.

We offer two varieties as displayed underneath

Sangrovit® WS

The water-dissolvable adaptation of the well-known Sangrovit® WS item for quick application on the ranch.

Sangrovit® Extra

Our answer for the application is in the feed or mineral premix.

Put in your request today, we convey it from one side of the country to the other.


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