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MIAVIT (Oral Multivitamin Liquid | 5 Litres)


It contains various micronutrients, for example, nutrients and dietary minerals fundamental for ideal creation, sound development, and stress control in poultry birds.

MIAVIT MIAVIT (Oral Multivitamin Liqu...


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This is a fluid feed supplement for poultry with egg supporter equation.

It is in this way a result of the decision for ranchers who wish to raise solid and solid birds.


Its high fixation and a blend of a wide scope of nutrients guarantee Miavit productively battles pressure circumstances like immunizations, transport, heat pressure, change of feed, climate and so on

It fundamentally supports egg creation in layer and reproducer stocks

Its strong nutrient blends help forestall and control various supplement lacks in poultry feed.

Miavit upgrades supplement retention and fills in as a significant help in sickness recuperation stages.

It gives poultry birds every one of the necessary nutrients, minor components and amino acids vital for ideal development and maximal execution.

Miavit is accordingly exceptionally conservative as 1 liter of this item cures 8,000 liters of drinking water.

Measurement and Administration

Creature species; Poultry

Course of organization; Oral

Measurement; 1 liter for every 8,000 liters of water.


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