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The huge white hybrid pigs that we sell have the following qualities:

Breed like bacon
Other distinctive features include an upright ear and a medium-length, large-sized, and somewhat depressed face. The skin is pink in color, clear of wrinkles, and has a long, moderately fine coat. Long and thick to the shoulder, the neck is. The back has a slight arch to it.
We are selling the post weaners and weaners.
Outstanding for interbreeding.
There is countrywide delivery.


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Agricultural Hybrid Pigs
Our huge white breeds have received vaccinations and deworming treatments. PKC (53%) is a recommended feed component for pigs, along with maize bran, soybean meal, bone meal, salt, and premix (0.5%).
A rare breed of pig renowned as the top producer of bacon is the huge white pig.
Large White Pig (Large Yorkshire) Characteristics
A Large White pig has a head that is about average length, a face that is slightly depressed, and a broad snout.
It has a delicate, long neck that is equally filled from shoulders to chest, which is deep and wide.
They also possess a long, level, and wide back.
Boars and sows are both mature when they weigh between 80 and 120 kg and 100 kg and 150 kg, respectively.
White large pigs have excellent carcass quality.
The breed produces a lot of offspring and consumes feed effectively.

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    “We always have to use pesticide since we grow vegetables and such, but the last time I bought it I got a big bottle (even though I only needed a little) because I was afraid it was going to be scarce, thanks for making sure us average joe’s know!”

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    Kellogg’s Raisin Bran:

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    “I recommend the name ‘pesticide’ to everyone, its good quality and does a great job.”

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