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Chicken Couplet Feed Additives (100g Sachets)


Chicken Couplet Feed Additives are specially formulated to deliver the essential nutrients that chickens need to stay in tip-top shape. This 100g sachet contains vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to provide your birds with a balanced and nutritious diet. The feed additives are easy to use, simply sprinkle the sachet onto your bird’s regular feed to ensure they get all the nutrients they need. With Chicken Couplet Feed Additives, you can provide your feathered friends with the nutrients they need for healthy, happy lives.

We offer Chicken Couplet Feed Additives which is a feed-added substance for poultry creation.

The offered item contains fundamental supplements needed for solid living and an ideal resistant arrangement of poultry birds.

This item has no unlawful medications, no bio-chemicals, no buildup, and can be utilized securely.

Try not to use in top egg creation in laying birds.

This item is for veterinary utilize as it were.

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Chicken Couplet Feed Additives Chicken Couplet Feed Additives...


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Chicken Couplet Feed Additives are your secret weapon for raising happy, healthy, and productive chickens. This unique formula packs a powerful punch of essential ingredients like:

  • Essential Amino Acids: Threonine, arginine, and glycine for optimal protein synthesis, muscle development, and feed utilization.
  • Cobalt: Enhances vitamin B12 production, vital for energy metabolism and red blood cell formation.
  • Chelated Minerals: Iron, copper, manganese, and zinc for improved absorption and utilization, boosting immunity and feather health.
  • Vitamin Stabilizers: Protect vitamins from oxidation, ensuring chickens receive the full benefit of their nutritional potency.

Benefits of Chicken Couplet Feed Additives:

  • Increased Feed Efficiency: Chickens get more out of every bite, maximizing your feed investment.
  • Enhanced Growth and Development: Raise healthier, stronger chickens with faster growth rates.
  • Boosted Egg Production: Witness a noticeable increase in egg quantity and quality.
  • Improved Immune System: Chickens fight off infections and diseases more effectively.
  • Stronger Feathers: Less feather loss and breakage, leading to a more vibrant flock.

Chicken Couplet Feed Additives are:

  • Easy to Use: Simply sprinkle the powder over your regular chicken feed.
  • Cost-Effective: A small investment yields significant returns in chicken health and productivity.
  • Safe and Natural: Formulated with the highest quality ingredients, free from harmful chemicals.

Give your chickens the gift of optimal health and performance with Chicken Couplet Feed Additives! Order your convenient 100g sachets today and see the difference in your flock.


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