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Lytavite Drug | For Poultry Use | Vanguard


Lytavite Drug | For Poultry Use | Vanguard is utilized for the therapy of skin diseases, nutrient insufficiencies, vision anomalies, ongoing torment, hyperhomocysteinemia, heart conditions, chest torment, and leg torment and that’s just the beginning.

Lytavite is a particular powder combination of multivitamins and dextrose, important to support productivity and to counter inadequacies in poultry birds.

Lytavite Drug | For Poultry Use | Vanguard Uses

Nutech Lyta Vite Powder is utilized for the fix, control and counteraction of sicknesses, for example,

Skin issues

Nutrient inadequacies

Eye problems

Heart issues


Lytavite Drug | For Poultry Use | Vanguard Lytavite Drug | For Poultry Us...


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Lytavite Drug | For Poultry Use | Vanguard is endorsed for vital use in poultry for supplement, electrolyte, and protein lack disorders. During the agonizing time frame, extraordinary use is tried to further develop the egg advancement of laying birds. It is additionally shown to aid the recuperation/anticipation of ecological pressure brought about by sweltering climate, inoculation, congestion, and sickness of a wide range of poultry.

Lytavite Drug | For Poultry Use | Vanguard powder has copper sulfate, nutrient A, nutrient B2, nutrient B6, nutrient D3, and nutrient E as its dynamic fixings. It works by advancing the improvement of the retina required for low light and shading vision. It holds a few body tissues, evades nutrient B2 insufficiency, and works on the ingestion of calcium and phosphorus fundamental for solid bones. This dials back processes that kill cells, creating antibodies and hemoglobin while keeping up with glucose levels in the standard reach. This is an extremely viable medication that can be utilized on your poultry birds.

Its Dosage:

When utilized orally:

Grown-up birds: 150g in 450 liters of water for 6-7 continuous days.

For birds under agonizing: 150g in 450 liters of water for basically 14 days of life.

Withdrawal Symptoms Of The Lytavite Drug:


Safeguards To Note:

It is for creatures to utilize as it were.

Store in a cool dry spot.

Avoid youngsters.


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