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Heteroclarias Spp (Fingerlings/Post Fingerlings/Jumbo) Hybrid


Heteroclarias Spp, a revolutionary hybrid catfish, is taking the aquaculture industry by storm. Combining the best traits of Heterobranchus longifilis and Clarias gariepinus, this fast-growing, disease-resistant powerhouse delivers exceptional yields and profits. Dive into the benefits and unlock the potential of Heteroclarias Spp for your farm!


  • Faster growth: Achieve market size in half the time compared to traditional catfish.
  • Superior feed conversion: Optimize your operation with less feed required per kilogram of fish.
  • Disease resistance: Minimize losses and ensure healthy harvests with natural immunity to common catfish diseases.
  • Hardy adaptability: Thrive in diverse water conditions, from ponds to tanks.
  • Delicious taste: Satisfy your customers with firm, white flesh and excellent flavor.
  • Sustainable choice: Reduce pressure on wild fish populations with efficient aquaculture practices.
Heteroclarias Spp Heteroclarias Spp (Fingerlings...


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The ceaseless development of hydroponics relies upon the creation of fish seeds with high treatment, endurance and development rates, high feed transformation effectiveness among different variables. Fish cultivating in Nigeria is right now an extremely rewarding business and is chiefly supported by the constant ascent in the interest for fish assortments.

Regardless of whether you are simply beginning in hydroponics with the expectation of making an additional a pay or going into full-scale business creation, we supply any amount of Heteroclarias spp fingerlings

We have costs for every fingerling and deal orders for various amounts.

You could likewise demand a statement for a particular amount and transportation data.

Fishes will be very much bundled and conveyed to your pickup point or homestead area.

Conveyance span is 1 fourteen days subsequent to putting in your request.

Heteroclarias Spp fingerlings/post fingerlings are results of a cross between male Heterobranchus longifilis and female Clarias gariepinus.

Heterobranchus spp has a development rate twice just that quick of Clarias gariepinus while the last option get by in ineffectively

oxygenated water. Hybridization between these two clariid dupes hence delivers offsprings that have a blend of these advantageous characteristics.

The goal of fish cultivating is to get the greatest expansion in weight (biomass) of the fish/unit space of volume/unit with a particular degree of the board practice. These require the information on fish development, conveying limit, nourishment, yield, and water quality boundaries.

Elements of Heteroclarias spp fingerlings

Heteroclarias spp is extremely tough and illness safe, and they burn-through less feed when contrasted with Clarias species.

They accomplish greater sizes than Clarias spp, and they gauge a lot higher at collect.

They flourish well on a wide scope of plant protein based fish takes care of.

Longer post-gather endurance hence will be desirable over purchasers.

Further developed taste because of its white tissue.


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