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Iron Dextran (Iron-III Injectable Supplement for Livestock) 100ml


Iron 100 Inj. is shown for the avoidance and treatment of iron inadequacy weakness in piglets, calves, foals, pigs, steers, ponies, sheep, goats and canines. It is particularly vital in infants and creatures in iron deficient conditions.

Auxiliary sickliness because of parasitic and bacterial contaminations, stress conditions (likewise because of transport), for the improvement of rearing and development of youthful creatures, as supporting therapy of irresistible sicknesses and in blood misfortune.

Iron Dextran Iron Dextran (Iron-III Injecta...


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Iron Dextran

Following intramuscular or subcutaneous infusion of Iron 100 Inj., the hemoglobin fixation in the blood and pressed cell volume increment quickly, particularly in iron insufficiency frailty in creatures.

Most piglets are brought into the world with least iron stores, and following a couple of days the red platelet creation starts to diminish and an inadequacy in the mind-boggling development of the youthful creatures is taken note. Subsequently, supply this consumption of iron for ordinary development and improvement of the youthful creatures.

It has been demonstrated that a portion of 2 ml given inside the initial 3 days of birth shows no deficiency of weight or wellbeing. The iron enhancements ought to be given an infusion as a prophylactic guide to forestall iron lack weakness and the results (loss of craving, loose bowels, hindered development, and reduced opposition against irresistible specialists and in changing the of environmental conditions).

Sythesis (per ml)

Iron-III (as hydroxide dextran complex) 100 mg


Nutrient E inadequacy and additionally selenium lack in piglets are common due to the expanded possibility of poisonousness.

Incidental effects

Agony and provocative responses might happen, alongside staining of muscles. Here and there anaphylactic responses might happen.

Organization of extremely high portions might cause siderosis, inebriation with hypotonia, shock and even demise.

Measurements and organization

For profound intramuscular or subcutaneous infusion at a reasonable infusion site.


Pigs : 3 – 5 ml first infusion, when vital second infusion 7 days after the fact.

Piglets: 1 – 2 ml on the third day of life and on the fifth day of life.

Dairy cattle, ponies: 5 – 8 ml first infusion, when important second infusion 7 days after the fact.

Calves, foals : 3 – 8 ml in the first seven day stretch of life, when vital second infusion 7 days after the fact.

Sheep, goats : 3 – 4 ml first infusion, when vital second infusion 7 days after the fact.

Canines: 0.5 – 2 ml first infusion, when vital second infusion 7 days after the fact.


Piglets: 2 ml on third day of life and on the 21st day of life.

Sows: 5 ml fourteen days prior to farrowing.

Withdrawal period



Store in a dry, dim spot between 15 °C and 25 °C.

Get prescriptions far from youngsters.


100 ml multidose vial pressed in a singular box (48 vials for every case).


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