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Broiler Booster Super Tonic (500mL | 1L | 2L | 4L)


Broiler Booster Super Tonic is a power-packed formula designed to supercharge your broiler growth. Expect faster weight gain, efficient feed conversion, and a healthy, resilient flock.


  • Explosive Growth: Witness up to 20% faster weight gain for bigger, healthier broilers.
  • Feed Efficiency: Supercharge your feed conversion ratio, maximizing profits and minimizing waste.
  • Immune System Shield: Fortify your flock with natural immunity boosters, reducing illness and mortality.
  • Stress-Free Growth: Soothing ingredients combat stress for optimal feed intake and faster growth.
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Broiler Booster Super Tonic

Fuel your broiler farm’s success with Broiler Booster Super Tonic. This potent blend of natural ingredients works synergistically to unlock your birds’ full growth potential. Witness explosive weight gain thanks to appetite stimulants and digestive enhancers that turn feed into muscle at an unprecedented rate. Optimize feed conversion and minimize waste, maximizing your profits. Broiler Booster Super Tonic goes beyond just weight gain. It’s a complete health and wellness solution for your flock. Fortify their immune system with natural antioxidants and disease-fighting components, reducing stress, illness, and mortality. This translates to healthy, resilient birds that reach market weight weeks faster.


  • Appetite Stimulant: Natural ingredients trigger a healthy hunger, ensuring your birds eat their fill.
  • Digestive Enhancer: Optimizes nutrient absorption, turning feed into muscle faster.
  • Antioxidant Powerhouse: Combat free radical damage, promoting overall health and vitality.
  • Electrolyte Replenisher: Replenish essential electrolytes, preventing dehydration and boosting energy.

Don’t settle for slow growth. Unleash the power of Broiler Booster Super Tonic and watch your profits soar!


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