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Pig Nipple (Pack of 5 Pieces)


To accomplish ideal execution from the pigs, give new and clean drinking water. Our Pig Nipple consumer includes a solid filtration framework to keep sand or different contaminations from gaining admittance to the pigs while drinking. It likewise decreases the tension when it is put to use, to stay away from quick water streams which may be excessively quick for the pigs. Benevolently note that the cost recorded is for 5 bits of the areola consumers.

Pig Nipple Pig Nipple (Pack of 5 Pieces)


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Pig Nipple

Pig Nipple is a practical answer for providing clean drinking water to pigs. They are fitted with channel connections that assist with separating the water to decrease defilement.

Pig Nipple consumers are appended/coupled to the metal finish of the pig consumer set. Along these lines to limit water misfortunes, the right tallness while mounting the consumer set to the divider is significant.

When drinking, the pig’s head ought to be slanted upwards so the water streams straightforwardly into the pig’s mouth.

This is the reason the areolas are put at various statures (contingent upon the age or phase of creation) in piglet raising and wrapping up.

The cost recorded is for 5 bits of the areola consumers

Item includes

Smooth external surface/edges-most extreme cleanliness.

100 % vertical direction and ideal resetting highlights – keeps up with dry litter.

A straightforward construction made out of a shell, mandrill, and steel ball.

Has solid filtration limit with regards to sands or different contaminations.

Simple to couple with consumer sets and mounted on the dividers.

Gives limitless admittance to clean water.

Benefits of utilizing pig areola consumer

Solid tempered steel material which is not difficult to keep up with and are rust-verification.

A steady inventory of clean water for drinking without wastage (as against the ground drinking box).

Chomp areolas accordingly decrease the water pressure when it is effectively utilized.

It diminishes the tainting of drinking water instead of the customary drinking box.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Pig Nipple?

A Pig Nipple is a specialized drinker designed to provide clean drinking water to pigs. It features a nipple mechanism with a channel that helps separate water flow, reducing contamination.

How does a Pig Nipple work?

Pigs activate the water flow by pressing their mouth against the nipple. The channel system helps regulate water pressure and minimize waste.

How do I install a Pig Nipple?

Pig Nipples are typically attached to a metal feeder system mounted on the pen wall. The correct height for installation is crucial to prevent water waste.

What is the ideal mounting height?

The ideal mounting height depends on the age and growth stage of the pigs. Piglets require lower nipple placement compared to adult pigs. This ensures the water flows directly into their mouths when they tilt their heads upwards to drink.

What are the benefits of using Pig Nipples?

  • Improved Hygiene: Smooth surfaces and 100% vertical water flow promote clean water access and minimize litter contamination.
  • Water Efficiency: Pig Nipples reduce water waste compared to traditional trough systems.
  • Durability: Pig Nipples are typically made of sturdy, rust-resistant stainless steel for easy maintenance.
  • Clean Water Supply: The nipple mechanism minimizes water contamination compared to open troughs.
  • Easy Access: Pigs have unlimited access to clean drinking water throughout the day.


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