Drip Irrigation End Cap/Plug (100 Pcs/Pack)


The end plug is used to stop the flow of water at the irrigation system’s termination. Water waste is decreased as a result.

It is a cheap way to plug the ends of drip hoses and tapes.

It is employed to halt the flow of water through a connector. When enhancing or expanding your current irrigation system, it is also perfect for lowering water waste or sealing off manifolds and tees.

With a maximum working pressure of 16 Bar, this end cap has extra-strong qualities for long life, durability, and resistance to breaking.

Dimensions: 16mm in diameter.
100 pieces in a pack, or package size.

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Drip Irrigation End Cap/Plug

End Plugs, also known as end caps, are frequently useful for drip irrigation systems to construct a closed system, which is essential for a drip system’s effectiveness. End Cap fittings can also make it simple to drain the system at the end of the season.

Use the end plug to finish a 1/2′′ mainline tube or dripline. The screw-off top makes it simple to flush lines after the growth season or for routine drip system maintenance.

Specifications Of The End Plug
It is simple to install and repair.
It is simple to remove when you need to maintain your drip system.
It offers a stable fit and consistent performance.
This cap has a reasonable price.


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