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Fielding Multiple Combine Harvester


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Fielding Multiple Combine Harvester Fielding Multiple Combine Harv...


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The Fielding Multiple Combine Harvester is a self-propelled combine harvester that is designed to harvest a variety of grain crops. It is powered by a 88 HP engine that provides plenty of power for even the most demanding tasks. The harvester bar is 2.2 meters wide, which allows it to gather more land per hour. The large feeding area and better feeding capacity make it more efficient than other combines. The compact body makes it easy to maneuver in uneven, wet, humid, and small fields. The lightweight design reduces soil pressure and makes it ideal for use in marshy and wet fields.

The Fielding Multiple Combine Harvester is a versatile and efficient machine that can help you harvest your crops quickly and easily. It is a valuable asset for any farm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What type of combine harvester is the Fielding Multiple?

The Fielding Multiple Combine Harvester is a self-propelled machine, meaning it has its own engine and doesn’t require a separate tractor to pull it.

What crops can it harvest?

While the information doesn’t specify exact crops, it mentions the Fielding Multiple is designed for various “grain crops.” This likely includes common grains like wheat, barley, oats, and possibly others. Refer to the product manual or seller for a definitive list.

What engine size does it have?

The Fielding Multiple is equipped with an 88-horsepower engine, providing ample power for most harvesting tasks.

How wide is the harvester bar?

The harvester bar measures 2.2 meters wide, allowing it to cover more ground and potentially increase harvesting efficiency.

What are the benefits of the large feeding area and capacity?

A larger feeding area and improved feeding capacity can lead to faster processing of crops and potentially higher overall harvesting output.

How maneuverable is the Fielding Multiple?

The compact body design is intended for better maneuverability in challenging field conditions, including uneven terrain, wet environments, and even small fields.

Is the Fielding Multiple suitable for wet or marshy fields?

Yes, the lightweight design of the Fielding Multiple is said to reduce pressure on the soil, making it ideal for use in marshy or wet field conditions.

Is the Fielding Multiple a good choice for my farm?

This depends on your specific needs and farm size. The Fielding Multiple’s features like maneuverability, lightweight design, and engine power suggest it might be suitable for smaller farms or those with challenging field conditions. However, it’s always recommended to consider factors like your farm size, typical crop yields, and budget before making a purchase decision.

Product Video Description


Fieldking Multiple Combine Harvester

This Fieldking Multiple Combine Harvester is moderately lightweight hardware which lessens the earth strain and makes it helpful for activity in damp and wet fields.

The conservative size body makes it helpful for working in lopsided, wet, muggy, and little fields.

It is additionally ergonomic and entirely sturdy.

Elements of our Fieldking various consolidate collector

HST (Hydrostatic Transmission) with 40cc and electromagnetically worked valves for high proficiency and simple directing and tasks in the field.

Longer and more extensive elastic track causes less ground pressure which makes its activity smoother and faster in marshy, lopsided, and wet fields.

Vertical sifting rotor and solid curved strainers.

A 2.2-meter shaper bar helps in gathering more sections of land each hour.

Bigger taking care of extension with better taking care of limit.

The minimized size body makes it advantageous for working in lopsided, wet, muggy, and little fields.

The machine is lightweight which decreases the earth strain and makes it helpful for activity in marshy and wet fields.

This Multi Crop Combine Harvester is fit for collecting different sorts of yields – paddy, wheat, corn, grain, beats and soybean adequately and productively.

Its 88 HP amazing Engine makes collecting tasks smoother and speedier.

Its Fuel Tank limit is 130 liters and the Grain Tank limit is 1400 liters because of which permits it to diminish the hour of refueling and dumping of grains which brings about greater usefulness.

Straight sort Thresher guarantees less harm of grains and grains are significantly more cleaner and solid during handling in the harvester


Little size and all around adjusted

It is broadly utilized in inconsistent plots where the enormous corn collectors can’t utilize

Full-highlighted, getting the straw, pulverizing the straw, and so forth, so it has practically the elements of an enormous corn reaper


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