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High Precision Bench Scale


High Precision Bench Scale offers adaptable choices for actually taking a look at gauging, dividing, definition, and so forth


  • High accuracy: A high-precision bench scale can measure small quantities of materials with high accuracy, typically up to 0.0001 grams. This makes it ideal for use in laboratory or research settings where precise measurements are required.
  • Repeatability: A high-precision bench scale provides repeatable measurements, meaning that the same weight will be measured consistently each time. This is important for ensuring accurate results.
  • Durability: A high-precision bench scale is built to last and can withstand the rigors of laboratory use.
  • Easy to use: A high-precision bench scale is typically easy to use and operate, even for those with limited experience.
High Precision Bench Scale High Precision Bench Scale


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High Precision Bench Scale is a strong seat scale that accompanies a multi-practical touchscreen marker and has demonstrated profoundly famous in production lines, distribution centers, and different ranch activities for weighing more modest unit things with accuracy.

The touchscreen pointer makes the scale simple to utilize and explore.

Item profile:

This item includes the following:

Show Type: Digital LCD

Limit: 10kg

Size: 15.5cm * 22.5cm

Precision: 1g

Type: Bench Scale

Force Supply: AAA battery

Evaluated Load: 5kg | 10kg

Clear, backdrop illumination LCD effectively noticeable in any lighting conditions

A programmable backdrop illumination that can be set to ‘consistently on’, ‘consistently off’


Contact screen keys with clear names

Sprinkle verification lodging and show are not difficult to clean

Hostile to slip solid stands


Auto force off to save energy

Hold work freezes the showed weight, permitting time to pass without losing the outcome

Selectable advanced separating limits the impacts of vibration and aggravations

Zero-attaching highlight guarantees show gets back to zero perusing.

Standardized Weights (For Balance Scales) are weights that have been precisely calibrated to a known value. They are used to calibrate balance scales, ensuring that the scales are accurate and reliable. they are also used to verify the accuracy of weighing instruments, track weight loss or gain over time, conduct quality control tests, and comply with regulations.

they are made from high-quality materials, such as brass, steel, or tungsten. They are typically coated with a protective layer to prevent corrosion. Standardized weights are available in a variety of weights and sizes, from a few grams to several kilograms.

When choosing this, it is important to select weights that are accurate and reliable. The weights should also be compatible with the balance scale that will be used. It is also important to store is in a safe and secure location to prevent damage.

they are an essential tool for ensuring accurate measurements with balance scales. They are used in a variety of industries, including laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and retail stores. By using standardized weights, businesses and organizations can ensure that their weighing measurements are accurate and reliable.

Standardized Weights (For Balance Scales) Functions:

they are used to perform the following functions:

Calibrate balance scales
Ensure accurate measurements
Verify the accuracy of weighing instruments
Track weight loss or gain over time
Conduct quality control tests
Comply with regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions:

  • What is a High Precision Bench Scale?

A High Precision Bench Scale is a digital scale designed for the accurate weighing of small items in laboratories, production lines, warehouses, and farms. It features a touchscreen display and a sturdy platform for easy use.

  • What are the typical uses for this scale?

This scale is ideal for weighing small items with high precision, such as ingredients, parts, jewelry, and medications.

Technical Specifications:

  • What is the maximum weight capacity of the scale?

The maximum weight capacity of this specific model is 10kg (22lbs).

  • What is the accuracy of the scale?

This scale boasts a high precision of 1 gram.

  • What type of display does the scale have?

The scale features a clear, backlit LCD for easy reading in any lighting condition. You can also program the backlight to stay on constantly or remain off.

  • What is the power source for the scale?

The scale operates on AAA batteries.

  • How do I clean the scale?

The touchscreen keys and spill verification lodging are designed for easy cleaning.


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