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High-Quality Nipple Drinker plus Saddle (For Poultry Drinking Lines)


These are high-quality and accurate nipples made with fine-quality plastic and stainless steel raw materials. They ensure improved water delivery with fewer spills.


  • Durable materials
  • Prevents water waste
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable saddle
  • Easy to clean and maintain


  • Help poultry hydration
  • Reduces poultry maintenance costs
  • Improves animal welfare
  • Each nipple measures 3.8cm on average and comes with its complementary plastic saddle in various colors (for attachment to the drinking line pipe).
  • Packed in transparent and sealed bags, 100 nipples, and saddled per pack.
  • Order your High-Quality Nipple Drinker plus Saddle today and keep your poultry healthy and happy!
High-Quality Nipple Drinker plus Saddle (For Poultry Drinking Lines) High-Quality Nipple Drinker pl...


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High-Quality Nipple Drinker plus Saddle (For Poultry Drinking Lines)

Keep your poultry hydrated and healthy with this high-quality nipple drinker and saddle. The nipple drinker is made of durable materials and is designed to prevent water waste. The saddle is easy to install and adjustable, so you can customize it to fit your poultry’s needs.

This poultry nipple drinker is a great way to keep your poultry hydrated and healthy. It is also easy to clean and maintain, so you can be sure that it will last for many years to come.

Poultry Nipple in addition to Saddle
The areola consumer is generally utilized for chicken battery confines.

Frequently Asked Questions about Poultry Nipple Drinkers:

What are Poultry Nipple Drinkers?

Poultry nipple drinkers are watering systems for chickens, ducks, turkeys, and other poultry. They consist of a nipple that dispenses water when pecked by the bird, eliminating the need for open water containers.

Benefits of Poultry Nipple Drinkers:

  • Hygiene: Reduces water waste and contamination compared to open containers.
  • Convenience: Provides a constant supply of fresh water without refilling.
  • Healthier Birds: Minimizes the risk of disease spread through contaminated water.
  • Reduced Labor: Eliminates the need for frequent water changes.

How Do Poultry Nipple Drinkers Work?

The bird pecks the nipple, triggering a valve that releases a small amount of water. This controlled water flow prevents spills and keeps the surrounding area dry.

What Types of Poultry Can Use Nipple Drinkers?

Poultry nipple drinkers are suitable for chickens, ducks, turkeys, and most other poultry types.

How to Install Poultry Nipple Drinkers:

Nipple drinkers are typically attached to a pressurized water line system with pipes and fittings. Specific installation instructions may vary depending on the chosen system.

Cleaning and Maintenance:

Regularly clean the nipple drinkers and water lines to prevent algae buildup and ensure proper water flow. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions for specific cleaning procedures.

Are Nipple Drinkers Better Than Open Waterers?

Yes, nipple drinkers offer significant advantages in terms of hygiene, water conservation, and overall flock health compared to traditional open waterers.

Product Video Description

poultry waterer blend of hardened steel and solid fine quality plastic material hence ensures the exact conveyance of water to your chickens.
It is very much suggested for floor and enclosure-raised ovens, layers, and reproducers.
Whenever utilized on the floor, one piece of the areola is suggested for eight (8) birds.
Whenever utilized in an enclosure, each piece of the areola can serve two to four chickens or more, contingent upon your prerequisite, bird type, and enclosure determinations.
The areola and seat are suggested for 3/4″ lines for the seat to fit conveniently around the line.

The advantages of utilizing the areola framework:

It assists you with accomplishing an elevated degree of cleanliness on the homestead since water doesn’t get defiled since the water drops just when pecked. Freshwater is delivered absurdly on request.
It likewise assists you with accomplishing herd consistency as birds don’t need to gather around drinking box.
The areola consumers ought to be all around dispersed in the poultry house.
The seats are utilized to append areolas to the PVC pipe that disperses water.
By and large, the Chakra areolas are notable for their sturdiness and extraordinary conveyance.


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