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Manure Dryer (Electric Powered | 2 Tons/Hour Capacity)


Do you wish to work on the everyday environment of your chickens and decreases the thickness of smelling salts (amassed in their fertilizer and droppings) which negatively affects their wellbeing?

Our compost dryer offers you this and some more. It is not difficult to work, solid, and profoundly proficient.

The cost recorded is per unit. It accompanies an extra establishment charge of 100,000.

Manure Dryer Manure Dryer (Electric Powered...


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Manure Dryer

Manure Dryer has been intended to dry the excrement delivered in animal ranches. This machine dries the fertilizer and disposes of scents, bugs, and gases got from the smelling salts.

The offered ranch gear comes in a 2-ton assortment, contingent upon the volume of compost you wish to dry.

Significance of dried, handled excrement

The fast  Manure Dryer (Electric Powered | 2 Tons/Hour Capacity) technique for compost guarantees that the proteins are not changed into alkali and in this manner, the smelling salts gas ejection is diminished to over 90%.

Appropriately handled, dried compost is an exceptionally attractive manure that makes enhanced animal ranches.

The nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and other rich supplements contained in compost make it a very powerful manure once treated.

The natural matter in excrements can further develop soil structure, air circulation, water invasion, and soil dampness holding volume.

Dry compost likewise has many added benefits when contrasted and wet waste applications, including less potential for overflow, an expansion in the quantity of accessible application days, and an increment in accessible application destinations.

Farming, agriculture, and finishing organizations have accepted this as a positive drive for income age using excrement determined manure.


The term of the drying system relies upon the beginning dampness of excrement, the moistness, the volume of the air utilized, and the recurrence of the clearing activities.

Benefits of utilizing compost dryer

Manure Dryer (Electric Powered | 2 Tons/Hour Capacity) works in the everyday environment of chickens and diminishes the thickness of smelling salts which affects the strength of chickens.

Low expenses for energy and no warming establishments.

Extraordinary decrease in the presence of smelling salts (up to 95%) on the homestead.

Low leftover water content, up to at least 15%.

The high benefit of the result is because of low weight and volume.

The expense of removal is effectively diminished, and now and again, totally wiped out.

Decrease in volume of excrement, while adding esteem

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Manure Dryer and what does it do?

A Manure Dryer is a machine specifically designed to dry animal manure from farms and ranches. It removes moisture from the manure, eliminating odors, insects, and harmful gasses associated with fresh manure.

What are the benefits of using a Manure Dryer?

  • Reduced Odors: Manure Dryers significantly reduce ammonia gas emissions by over 90%, minimizing unpleasant farm smells.
  • Preserve Nutrients: The drying process prevents the breakdown of proteins in manure, preserving valuable nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.
  • Enhanced Fertilizer: Dried manure becomes a more concentrated and attractive fertilizer with improved soil health benefits.
  • Improved Soil Structure: Dried manure application can enhance soil structure, promoting better air circulation, water infiltration, and moisture retention.
  • Reduced Waste Volume: Drying manure significantly reduces its volume, making it easier and cheaper to store and transport.
  • Increased Application Opportunities: Dried manure can be applied throughout the year, unlike wet manure with potential for runoff.
  • Income Generation: Processed manure becomes a valuable fertilizer for farms and agricultural businesses.

What size Manure Dryer is available?

The information specifies a 2-ton capacity Manure Dryer, but there might be other size options available depending on the manufacturer.

How does the drying process work?

The exact drying process might vary depending on the specific model. However, Manure Dryers typically use hot air to evaporate moisture from the manure.

What factors affect drying time?

The drying time for manure can be influenced by several factors:

  • Initial Moisture Content: Manure with higher initial moisture will take longer to dry.
  • Desired Final Moisture Level: The target moisture content of the dried manure will impact drying time.
  • Airflow Volume: The amount of air circulated through the dryer affects drying speed.
  • Frequency of Cleaning: Regular cleaning of the dryer can optimize performance and drying efficiency.


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