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Feather Plucking Machine (5-6 Birds Capacity | Electric Powered | Indian Model)


It is safe to say that you are needing high limit poultry handling gear? This tempered steel Indian Model offers the mix of effectiveness just as efficient choices for quick handling of poultry for ranchers/merchants. You can have your birds prepared in a matter of moments.

It helps eliminate feathers from more number of mature birds inside a brief length (5-6 birds for each time).

Feather Plucking Machine Feather Plucking Machine (5-6 ...


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Feather Plucking Machine

Feather Plucking Machine is shown for the expulsion of plumes from poultry birds (ovens, old layers, cockerels, turkeys, and so on)


This quill culling machine is equipped for culling 2 to 3 birds all at once.

The whole course of culling 3 birds requires around one moment depending upon the speed of the interaction/administrator.

Headings for use:

Butcher the bird and permit blood to deplete appropriately.

Plunge the chicken in steaming hot water to burn at 65 to 80 degrees. The temperature of the water is reliant upon the durability of the skin of the bird.

Turn on the machine and drop the burnt birds in it.

The best ideal opportunity to wind down the machine is between 10 to 20 seconds, albeit this relies upon the kind of poultry and its skin durability.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Feather Plucking Machine?

A Feather Plucking Machine is a device used to remove feathers from poultry birds after slaughter. It’s suitable for processing chickens, broilers, old hens, cockerels, turkeys, and similar birds.

How Many Birds Can a Feather Plucking Machine Handle?

The machine described can pluck feathers from 2 to 3 birds simultaneously.

How Long Does It Take to Pluck Feathers?

The entire plucking process for 3 birds takes approximately 1 minute, depending on the operator’s speed and chosen settings.

How to Use a Feather Plucking Machine:

  1. Slaughter the bird: Ensure proper slaughter methods are followed.
  2. Bleeding: Allow sufficient time for the blood to drain completely.
  3. Scalding: Dip the bird in hot water (around 149-176°F or 65-80°C) to loosen the feathers. The exact temperature may vary depending on the bird’s skin thickness.
  4. Plucking: Turn on the machine and place the scalded bird(s) inside the drum.
  5. Plucking Time: The ideal plucking time is between 10-20 seconds, although this can vary depending on the bird species and its skin strength.


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