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Maxiforce Fungicide



Maxiforce contains highly systemic nutrients with fungicidal activity against Phytophthora, Pythium, Mildews, Brown Rot

Enhances plant natural defense mechanism

Improve plant nutrient health

Improve foliar uptake of cations (i.e. K, Ca, Mg, Mn

Maxiforce Fungicide Maxiforce Fungicide


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Maxiforce Fungicide is a unique fungicide that combines the power of high-quality nutrients with fungicidal activity to provide your crops with the protection they need to thrive. It is highly systemic, meaning that it is absorbed by the plant and transported throughout the vascular system, providing protection from the inside out.

Maxiforce Fungicide is effective against a wide range of fungal diseases, including:

  • Phytophthora: A genus of oomycetes that can cause root rot, stem rot, and other diseases in a variety of crops.
  • Pythium: Another genus of oomycetes that can cause damping-off, root rot, and other diseases in seedlings and young plants.
  • Mildews: A group of fungal diseases that can cause powdery, white growth on leaves and stems.
  • Brown rot: A fungal disease that can cause fruit to rot and turn brown.

In addition to its fungicidal activity, Maxiforce Fungicide also offers a number of other benefits for your crops, including:

  • Enhanced plant natural defense mechanisms: Maxiforce Fungicide helps to stimulate the plant’s own immune system, making it better able to resist diseases.
  • Improved plant nutrient health: Maxiforce Fungicide contains a variety of nutrients that are essential for plant health, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and calcium.
  • Improved foliar uptake of cations: Maxiforce Fungicide helps to improve the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients from the leaves.


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