ORTIVA TOP: The premium fungicide for maximum crop protection. Say goodbye to fungal diseases and hello to healthy, vibrant crops with this advanced formula.

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Ortiva top herbicide is the green and hostile to push top decision fungicide from Syngenta to control organisms against infections like fine mold, leaf spots and rusts in fancy harvests, peas and beans and so on Along these lines it is utilized to control crops against illnesses to assist with expanding quality yield creation.

It is appropriate for use in a wide range of vegetable harvests like cucumber, carrot, cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, celery, cucumber, eggplant, garlic, horseradish, leek, lettuce, melons, onion, as well as beans and so on

Ortiva Top follows up on a wide scope of sicknesses, preventive and healing, through contact action, translaminar in plant and foundational, and is prescribed to be utilized in vegetable harvests.

Ortiva top herbicide:

Crop Disease Rate/ha Rate/20L
Roses Powdery mold (Sphaerotheca pannosa) 0.75-1.0 lt/ha 15-20ml/20mL
Snow Peas Powdery mold, ascochyta leafspots 0.5 lt/ha 10ml/20mL
French Beans Angular leaf spots, rust, anthracnose 0.5 lt/ha 10ml/20mL
PS: Always notice a reemergence time period hours.

Item dynamic fixing

Azoxystrobin 200 g/lt: Belongs to the strobilurin bunch. It restrains spore germination at the beginning phases of parasitic turn of events. This presents amazing assurance against attack by contagious microbes. It is likewise dynamic against post-germination phases of the parasitic life cycle and presents hostile to sporulant action. Treated crops frequently show physiological advantages, for example, upgraded greening which helps attractive yield.

Difenoconazole 125 g/lt: Belongs to the triazole bunch. It is taken up by the plant and follows up on the contagious microbe during entrance and haustoria development. It stops the advancement of the growths by obstructing the biosynthesis of sterols in cell films. Albeit the method of activity licenses defensive and therapeudic use, it is prescribed to apply the item early enough to stay away from irreversible yield harm and develop of the sickness.

Use of Ortiva top to crops

Tomatoes: The presence of the primary inflorescence until 70% of the natural product developed.
Eggplant: The presence of the main inflorescence until 70% of the natural product developed.
Pepper: The presence of the principal inflorescence until 70% of the natural product has developed.
Beans: Floral buttons until glues reach 70% of typical size.

Cabbage and Brussel sprouts: 2 genuine passes on to arrive at typical size.
Cauliflower and broccoli: 2 genuine leaves and the presence of the principal individual blossoms.
Carrot, pastranac, parsley, horseradish, radish, and celery: 2 genuine growths to arrive at the ordinary size.
Pumpkins and cucumber: the presence of the principal blossoms and the development of the organic product.
Salad: 6 genuine passes on to finish improvement.

Melon/green melon: from the primary part of the fundamental stem to the development of the organic product.
Leek: 6 genuine passes on to development.
Strawberries and raspberries: The main open blossoms (starting to bloom) and until development, second gather.
Straightforwardly planting onion and onion, garlic: 6 genuine surrenders and to half of the natural product/bulb distance across.

Green onions: 5 genuine leaves.
Pea: Floral buttons and until 70% of pasta have arrived at the last size.
Benefits of utilizing Ortiva top herbicide


Ortiva top herbicides leaves stay green for longer.
Photosynthesis is more proficient with the assistance of the item.
Water pressure resilience is higher with item utilization.
Compelling control of fine buildup, rust, and leaf spot infections.
Astounding harvest wellbeing.
Ortiva top herbicides are completely fundamental and safeguard new development.


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