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Plastic Flip-Top Feeder for Brooders


The plastic flip-top feeder with its appealing red tone is shown for giving total and controlled admittance of agonizing chicks to clean and take care of. With 28 taking care of (openings) and a level base. it gives a solid taking care of choice to chicks.

Automatic Flip-Top Chicken Feeder

1. Provide your chickens with access to abundant food with the plastic flip-top feeder for brooders.
2. This durable, long-lasting brooder feeder will save you time and money as it requires less maintenance than traditional feeders.
3. Designed with safety in mind, this plastic flip-top feeder prevents contamination from dirt and debris.
4. Enjoy a mess-free operation and keep your pullets, day-old chicks, ducklings, poults, and other young poultry safe and healthy with the plastic flip-top feeder for brooders.
5. Enjoy hassle-free installation of the brooder feeder that takes no time at all!

Suggested for agonizing chicks at week 1 (7 days old)
Can be adjusted for use with/without the top cover.

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Plastic Flip-Top Feeder for Brooders

The plastic flip-top feeder is a work of art and a fundamental component for the brooder (pullets, day-old chicks, ducklings, poults, and other youthful poultry).

its special plan keeps chicks from resting in and ruining the feed. Likewise, its lengthened plan empowers admittance to the feed for a larger number of chicks per taking care of span.

Affordable Brooder Feeders

Flip-top ground feeder considers simple loading up with feed and routine cleaning.
Simple to fill and clean
Snap-in pivot for long life
28 Feeding openings (14 for each side)
High-thickness polypropylene plastic
The radiant red tone draws in chicks.

Frequently Asked Questions: Plastic Flip-Top Feeder for Brooders

What is a plastic flip-top feeder for brooders?

This feeder is a specifically designed container for providing feed to young poultry like chicks, ducklings, poults, and other hatchlings. Its unique flip-top design helps prevent chicks from roosting in the feeder and contaminating the feed.

What are the benefits of using a plastic flip-top feeder?

  • Hygiene: The flip-top design minimizes the risk of chicks standing or defecating in the feed, promoting better hygiene and reducing feed waste.
  • Accessibility: The extended design allows more chicks to access the feed simultaneously, reducing competition and ensuring all chicks have adequate access to nourishment.
  • Convenience: The feeder is easy to fill and clean, simplifying the feeding process for poultry raisers.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality polypropylene plastic, the feeder is built to last and withstand regular use.
  • Attractiveness: The bright red color helps attract chicks to the feeder.

How many feeding openings does the flip-top feeder have?

It features 28 feeding openings (14 on each side), allowing multiple chicks to feed simultaneously.

How easy is it to clean the feeder?

The simple design makes cleaning the feeder quick and hassle-free.

What type of poultry can use this feeder?

This feeder is suitable for various young poultry, including chicks, ducklings, poults, and other hatchlings.


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