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Pvc connector without valve


Product Features

– Easy to install without any help.

– Reduce the risk of machinery incidents by installing this connector.

– Durable construction enables sturdy performance.

Pvc connector without valve Pvc connector without valve


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Pvc connector without valve

Commercial Pvc connector without valve is a unique and highly practical product for installation on irrigation hoses. It is very fast and safe to install without the help of another person, which greatly simplifies the logistics personnel work. Overall, it’s an effective safety measure for reducing accidents from heavy tools and other hazards. The 20 ft. long pack comes with 4 pieces with 2 in. Dia nominal Baker size openings. Pvc connector without valve has a max pressure of 1. 5 PSIG (9. 8 kPa) per section. Vehicle Connectors are made using high-quality raw materials to ensure durability and long-term usage.

Key Attributes:

  • Material (usually PVC for durability and affordability)
  • Size compatibility (available in different diameters to match various pipe and drip tape sizes)
  • Connection mechanism (barbed fittings, snap-on connections, etc.)
  • Pressure rating (suitable for low-pressure drip irrigation systems)
  • Durability and weather resistance

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about PVC Connector Without Valve

What is a PVC connector without valve?

A PVC connector without valve is a fitting specifically designed for irrigation hoses. It allows for quick and easy connection of hoses without requiring tools or valves.

What are the benefits of using a PVC connector without valve?

  • Easy and safe installation: Can be installed by one person without heavy tools, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Time-saving: Simplifies the irrigation setup process.
  • Durability: Made from high-quality PVC for long-lasting use.
  • Pressure resistance: Can withstand up to 1.5 PSIG (9.8 kPa) per section.

What are the key features of PVC connectors without valve?

  • Material: Typically made of PVC for affordability and durability.
  • Size compatibility: Available in various diameters to fit different hose and drip tape sizes.
  • Connection mechanism: Utilizes mechanisms like barbed fittings or snap-on connections for easy attachment.
  • Pressure rating: Suitable for low-pressure drip irrigation systems.
  • Weather resistance: Can withstand outdoor conditions.

What size PVC connector without valve do I need?

The appropriate size will depend on the diameter of your irrigation hose or drip tape. Choose a connector with a compatible diameter for a secure fit.

How much pressure can a PVC connector without valve handle?

The maximum pressure rating for these connectors is typically around 1.5 PSIG (9.8 kPa) per section. Ensure you choose a connector with a pressure rating suitable for your irrigation system.


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