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Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg


Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg is utilized to isolate stones and other weighty or light debasements from grains, for example, paddy rice, and so on The item works utilizing the rule of vibration screening to eliminate sand, stone, and sundries in grain

Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg


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Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg is chiefly utilized by ranchers and grain handling production lines or rice handling plants.

This superior item can isolate the stone, rice straw, leaves, and different debasements from paddy rice and other oat crops.

In Nigeria, the destoning pace of this machine is over 98%

The limit accessible is 1 ton each hour and 500kg.

The machine comprises of different parts including a taking care of container, enormous stone outlet, pollutant outlet, clean rice outlet, little stone outlet, blowing fan, electric engine, and machine outline.

We transport and convey from one side of the country to the other

Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg

Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg is utilized to isolate stones and other weighty or light debasements from grains, for example, paddy rice, and so on The item works utilizing the rule of vibration screening to eliminate sand, stone, and sundries in grain. The hardware enjoys the benefits of cutting edge structure, lovely appearance, advantageous activity and support, high rice cleaning yield, enormous yield, low commotion, and low force utilization, and so forth The offered destoning machine is produced utilizing premium quality parts and cutting edge innovation as per industry guidelines. To give a quality item, this destoning machine is tried on shifted quality boundaries.

Provisions of Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg

The item’s vibration sufficiency can be changed, development association is entirely sensible, and it was built with hard suffering materials.

The drive component of our rice destoning machine is more effective.

Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg is unique since it tends to be effectively kept up with, it has high proficiency of stone eliminating and width application range.

The machine has an incredible cleaning impact and minimal flying residue. It is generally simple to destroy and gather the hardware.

Why utilize a destoner?

The sifted grain will regularly contain a blend of certain stones, sand, little rocks, plant and creepy crawly squander, seed cases, and so on These pollutants bring down the nature of the yields and it might likewise cause a point of convergence for possible invasion during capacity.

Ordinarily, the least difficult cleaning technique is called winnowing. This is generally finished by throwing the grain into the air and allowing the breeze to remove the lightest pollutants. Despite the fact that winnowing is far and wide in cultivating, this cleaning strategy can’t kill heavier debasements like stone, rock, and so forth Likewise, the technique is work escalated.

Yet, utilizing the machine, little and enormous contaminations can be isolated from your grain all the more viably, permitting you to have a without hitch procedure on your homestead. In this way, the rancher will create more gain and produce better grains.

Work standard of rice destoner:

At the point when the machine works, the client takes care of the rice in the rice taking care of container. The rice then, at that point, enters the center of the stone screen consistently.

The grain and stones are isolated by vibrating movement. The enormous stones on the outer layer of the stone screen, under the activity of the inertial power and wind current of the vibration framework, will be released into the huge stone outlet.

The more modest stones are then passed into a subsequent screen and afterward released by a more modest stone outlet.

From there on, the blower will brush off little and light pollutions into a debasement outlet, then, at that point, you have cleaner rice tumble down the vibration outlet into the perfect rice outlet.

Benefits of utilizing a rice destoner

High limit rice destoning machine which has the ability of taking greater amount of grains.

High cleaning rate. The cleaning rate is over 98% and it cleans with no pollutions.

This Rice Destoner| 1 Tonne| 500kg machine is not difficult to utilize, you simply need to take care of crude paddy rice and following a few minutes, the client can get cleaned rice without stones and different debasements.

Little force utilization.

Smooth running. The grain spreads equally over the cross section screen and afterward, stone and different materials of substantial explicit loads are taken out by the turning screen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Rice Destoner?

A Rice Destoner is a machine used to remove stones, debris, and other unwanted materials from paddy rice and other grains.

How does a Rice Destoner work?

The Rice Destoner utilizes a vibrating screen to separate the grains from heavier and lighter materials. As the rice moves across the screen, stones and other debris are sorted and discharged through separate outlets. A blower helps remove lighter contaminants like dust and husks.

What are the benefits of using a Rice Destoner?

  • Improved Grain Quality: Removing stones and debris ensures cleaner, higher-quality rice.
  • Increased Profits: Cleaner rice fetches better prices in the market.
  • Reduced Storage Issues: Removing foreign objects minimizes the risk of infestation during storage.
  • Easier Processing: Clean rice is easier to mill and process further.
  • High Efficiency: This Rice Destoner boasts a cleaning rate exceeding 98%.
  • Easy Operation: The machine is simple to use, requiring only feeding raw paddy rice for clean output.
  • Low Maintenance: The destoner is designed for easy upkeep.
  • Low Energy Consumption: The machine operates efficiently with minimal power usage.
  • Wide Application: Suitable for various grains besides paddy rice.

Why is winnowing no longer sufficient for cleaning rice?

Winnowing, the traditional method of separating grains with wind, cannot effectively remove heavier objects like stones. Rice Destoners offer a more reliable and efficient cleaning process.

What are the different parts of a Rice Destoner?

The Rice Destoner (1 Tonne/500kg) typically includes:

  • Feeding Hopper: Holds the paddy rice before processing.
  • Large Stone Outlet: Discharges large stones separated during vibration.
  • Pollutant Outlet: Discards lighter contaminants like dust and husks.
  • Clean Rice Outlet: Delivers the cleaned rice.
  • Small Stone Outlet: Discharges smaller stones separated during screening.
  • Blower Fan: Creates airflow for removing light debris.
  • Electric Motor: Powers the machine’s operation.
  • Machine Frame: Provides a sturdy structure for the equipment.


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