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Rice Thresher | Locally Fabricated


Rice Thresher | Locally Fabricated is a high-quality machine that can help you increase your rice production and profits. It is easy to use and can thresh up to 1 ton of rice per day.

This rice harvester has a conservative system for better sifting and portability of the rice from one piece of the ranch to the next. It has a limit of 1ton/day. It is privately created.

It comprises of a sifting drum, a blower, a filling plate, a shaker, two outlets, a towing bar and two wheels.

Rice Thresher | Locally Fabricated benefits

  • Increased productivity: The thresher can thresh up to 1 ton of rice per day, which can significantly increase your productivity.
  • Reduced labor costs: The thresher can replace manual threshing, which can save you labor costs.
  • Improved grain quality: The thresher can thresh the rice gently, which helps to preserve the grain quality.
  • Reduced waste: The thresher can help to reduce waste by separating the rice grains from the straw.
Rice Thresher | Locally Fabricated Rice Thresher | Locally Fabric...


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Rice Thresher | Locally Fabricated precisely eliminates the grains of rice from the panicle without obliterating the grains. This hardware is great for the sifting of rice, grain crops for the most part. It has power settings in which a client can pick or choose and afterward finish the sifting. It is viable for field tasks. It can finish sifting, seclusion, cleaning and different exercises all at once. You can utilize it to sift rice from its underlying handling to its last handling. This makes food accessible to both rustic and metropolitan families.

Advantages that the rice harvester offers

It decreases the grain misfortunes

It saves time and work, especially for ladies, while performing sifting activities.

The sifted rice is generally spotless and not split, working on the nature of the rice.

This rice harvester is easy to introduce and can run on a straightforward level.

You can adjust and modify the framework to neighborhood conditions.

It merits its cost

Difficulties that could accompany utilizing this harvester

There is a need to ship the rice harvester to the field or outside ground of the ranch, this can be very troublesome because of its weight. nonetheless, it was worked with a towing component that could be associated with a get or a force turner; this will assist with working with its development to the specific spot you need to put it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Rice Thresher

What is a rice thresher and what does it do?

A rice thresher is a machine used to remove the rice grains from the panicle (the stalk that holds the rice grains) after harvesting. It separates the grains without damaging them. This machine can also be used for threshing other grain crops.

What are the benefits of using a rice thresher?

  • Reduces grain loss: Compared to traditional threshing methods, a rice thresher minimizes the amount of rice wasted during the process.
  • Saves time and labor: Threshing by hand can be time-consuming and laborious, especially for women. A rice thresher significantly reduces the workload.
  • Produces cleaner and unbroken rice: The machine efficiently separates the grains without breaking them, resulting in higher quality rice.
  • Easy to use and maintain: Rice threshers are designed for user-friendliness and can be operated with minimal technical knowledge.
  • Adaptable: Some models can be adjusted to suit local conditions.
  • Cost-effective: The long-term benefits of increased efficiency and quality of rice production can outweigh the initial investment.

Are there any challenges associated with using a rice thresher?

  • Portability: While some threshers have wheels or towing attachments for easier movement, their weight can still be a challenge, especially in remote locations.
  • Maintenance: Like any machinery, rice threshers require proper maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


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