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Solar Irrigation Kit With Drip System


Our Full Kit Solar Irrigation Kit with Drip framework come for a minimal price, is exceptionally productive and has entry sunlight based controlled water system packs. Place orders today.

Solar Irrigation Kit With Drip System Solar Irrigation Kit With Drip...


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Solar Irrigation Kit With Drip System is an exceptionally motorized farming instrument. Our Solar Irrigation Kit with Drip framework comes for a minimal price, is exceptionally proficient, and has entryway sunlight-based fueled water system packs

The fundamental parts of the Solar Irrigation Kit With Drip System are:
Sunlight-powered chargers 24v 350 watts
Sun-based siphon 24v ability to siphon 1,200 liters each hour.
The Max head ( profundity of the water source) is 60m.
2″ Layflat of 100m (2)
Trickle tapes range from 16mm measurement, 0.2-0.4mm thickness, and 30cm-60cm dispersing. It produces between 1-2 liters each hour.
Benefits of utilizing sun-based controlled dribble water System
The sunlight-based dribble water system framework is totally programmed and it is a savvy water system regulator the water system is constrained by the overall atmospheric conditions as opposed to a program.
You can likewise change the water utilization by changing the control dripper.
The water system begins at nightfall when there are fewer evaporative misfortunes and it very well may be utilized for both gravity feed and compressed water systems.
The water utilization is straightforwardly relative to the net dissipation rate.
If there is a startling heatwave, the water system will answer suitably.
At the point when it downpours, water enters the evaporator and defers the beginning of the following water system framework.
Utilizes significantly less water without influencing the harvest yield.
This framework is straightforward and low tech.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Solar Irrigation Kit with Drip System?

It’s a solar-powered irrigation system designed for efficient water management in farms. It comes with a solar panel, pumps, and drip lines, offering a cost-effective and automated solution.

What are the key components of the kit?

  • Solar panels: 24v 350 watts for power generation.
  • Solar pump: 24v capacity, pumping up to 1,200 liters of water per hour.
  • Max head: 60m (maximum depth from the water source).
  • Drip lines: 100m of 2-inch layflat hoses and 16mm drip tapes with adjustable flow rates (1-2 liters per hour).

What are the benefits of using this solar irrigation system?

  • Automatic and smart: Operates automatically based on weather conditions, optimizing water usage.
  • Adjustable water control: Fine-tune water usage through the control dripper.
  • Efficient water usage: Minimizes water waste compared to traditional methods.
  • Adaptable: Works with both gravity feed and pressurized systems.
  • Climate-responsive: Adjusts water delivery based on evaporation rates.
  • Rain sensor: Delays irrigation during rainfall, further conserving water.
  • Simple and low-tech: Easy to set up and maintain.

How much water does it save?

This system uses significantly less water compared to traditional irrigation methods, potentially leading to substantial water savings without compromising crop yield.

Is it suitable for all types of farms?

While well-suited for various agricultural applications, it’s recommended to consider the specific needs of your farm and crops for optimal results.


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