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Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose (100m Length, 3inches Black | Blue)


Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose is a top-notch water siphon that is reasonable as a way to give a consistent stockpile of water. It is energetically suggested for ranchers (for every single rural use, particularly water system) and in any event, for family use.

It was ergonomically made for simple and safe use.
The lightweight and tough steel outline alongside this unit’s reduced plan makes it advantageous to store your siphon until the following time you really want it.
An incredible option in contrast to manual siphoning!
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Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Lay...


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Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose

Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose is intended to deal with the hardest positions. It is usually used to deplete a pool right away, void an overflowed storm cellar, siphon out an overwhelmed channel, fill or void a water stockpiling tank or repository, flood a field, hose down a building site, and the sky is the limit from there.

It is energetically suggested for ranchers and in any event, for family use.
60m³ each hour greatest conveyance controlled by a 210cc motor, gives unrivaled power, execution, and effectiveness. A most extreme head of 28M and a greatest pull of 8M will be adequate to address your issues.
The lightweight and sturdy steel outline alongside this unit’s minimized plan makes it advantageous to store your siphon until the following time you really want it.
Utilizing our item, there is no more siphoning the hard way/physically.

Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose: Product Details
Type: 3inch
Max. head: 28m/1102.36in
Pull head: 8m/314.96in Flow: 60m³/h
Evaluated yield power: 4.0kW/3600/min
Water system Pump: Product Features
Huge filling opening for quicker filling and simple cleaning
Erosion safe tank
Simple array for issue-free carriage
Rock solid stomach siphon equipped for releasing at high rates
Great and pressure opposition
Pull withdraw start framework takes into consideration basic beginning up
The most extreme stream pace of 60m3/h
The gas motor on the siphon makes it ideal for use during blackouts and at remote places of work
The most ideal decision for taking care of the hardest positions

Why do you really want a consistent water supply as a rancher
Rural water will be water that is utilized to develop new produce and support animals. Water makes up an enormous piece of plant and creature tissues.

The utilization of horticultural water makes it conceivable to develop leafy foods and raise domesticated animals, which is the fundamental piece of our eating routine.
Water is utilized for water systems, pesticide and manure applications, crop cooling (for instance, light water system), and ice control.
Whenever horticultural water is utilized really and securely, creation and harvest yield are decidedly impacted.
Layflat Hose
Our excellent scope of Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose come in blue or dark tones and are reasonable for a wide assortment of errands, for example, conveying and releasing water for water system purposes. Layflat hose likewise observes a well-known use in different jobs in designing and development projects.

As the name recommends, one of the vital properties of this item is the hose’s capacity to be laid level for stockpiling purposes
Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose are produced using PVC materials, making them very adaptable and impervious to crimps, considering simple pressure when not being used.
The item is great for stockpiling, has the simplicity of moving, as well as is easy to use.
Layflat hoses are impervious to most oxidizing and lessening specialists, weakened acids, and salts. They are sufficiently extreme to keep away from harm from scraped spots while being used.

100m in length, 3 inches in width (Blue/Black)

frequently asked questions for the Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose:

What is the Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose designed for?

This product is designed for heavy-duty water pumping applications, including:

  • Draining pools quickly
  • Emptying flooded basements
  • Siphoning out overflowing ponds
  • Filling or emptying water storage tanks
  • Flooding fields
  • Hosing down construction sites

What are the benefits of using the Sumec Water Pump | WP20X + Layflat Hose?

  • Powerful and efficient: The 210cc engine provides a maximum flow rate of 60m³/h and a maximum head of 28m, making it suitable for demanding tasks.
  • Lightweight and portable: The lightweight steel frame and compact design make it easy to transport and store.
  • Easy to use: Features like a large filling opening, self-priming start system, and erosion-resistant tank make it user-friendly.
  • Durable: The robust construction ensures long-lasting performance.
  • Ideal for remote locations: The gas motor makes it suitable for use during power outages or in remote areas.

Why is a consistent water supply important for farmers?

Water is crucial for agriculture as it is essential for:

  • Plant and animal growth
  • Irrigation
  • Pesticide and fertilizer application
  • Crop cooling
  • Frost control

What are the features of the included Layflat Hose?

  • Available in blue or black colors
  • Length: 100m
  • Width: 3 inches
  • Made of PVC for durability and flexibility
  • Lays flat for easy storage
  • Resists crimping and damage
  • Suitable for various water pumping and construction applications


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