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Water Pump (DILI-AGRO Brand | 4 Inches)


We Water Pump which is an item from DILI-Agro legitimate for quality assembling of hardware.

The offered item is reasonable for the consistent stock of water and it is strongly suggested for ranchers (for every single rural use) and in any event, for family use.
It was ergonomically delivered for simple and safe use.
Utilizing our item, there is no more siphoning the hard way/physically.
It involves a stomach siphon and works with draw back starters as the beginning framework.
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Water Pump Water Pump (DILI-AGRO Brand | ...


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Water Pump

We offer a Water Pump which is an item from DILI-Agro respectable for quality assembling of gear. The offered item is appropriate for a steady stockpile of water and it is energetically suggested for ranchers and in any event, for family use.

It was ergonomically created for simple and safe utilization.
Utilizing our item, there is no more siphoning the hard way/physically.

Water Pump: Product Details
Brand Name: DILI-AGRO
Model Number: DL-WP20H
Pressure: Low Pressure
Structure: Diaphragm Pump
Motor model: MH168FA

Limit: 3.6L
Oil limit: 0.6L
Start System: T.C.L
Power: 5.5HP, Electric
Fuel: Gasoline
Hypothesis: Axial Flow Pump
Beginning System: Recoil Starter

Water Pump: Product highlights
An enormous filling opening for quicker filling and simple cleaning
Consumption safe tank with ergonomic shoulder lash
Simple array for problem free carriage
Rock solid stomach siphon fit for releasing at high rates

Why you really want consistent water supply as a rancher
Agrarian water will be water that is utilized to develop new produce and support domesticated animals. Water makes up a huge piece of plant and creature tissues. The utilization of rural water makes it conceivable to develop foods grown from the ground and raise animals, which is the primary piece of our eating regimen.

Water is utilized for water system, pesticide and compost applications, crop cooling (for instance, light water system), and ice control.

Whenever farming water is utilized really and securely, creation and harvest yield are emphatically impacted.

What befalls horticulture without water?
Water is a significant restricting component to any horticultural practice, be it crop creation or creature cultivation. Absence of water in all horticultural endeavors will adversely influence efficiency, yield, and at last productivity. Impacts of lacking water supply are assorted and some include:

Whenever it doesn’t rain for a very long time and the homestead has no limit with respect to water supply, it could mean a total loss of pay.
Every one of the harvests might shrink and evaporate similarly as the domesticated animals could fall and die in only a couple of days for absence of water to drink.
Poultry makers realize that eggs are predominantly made out of water and without adequate water, egg creation goes down.
While the lactating cows don’t hydrate, milk creation declines.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Water Pump used for?

The DILI-AGRO Water Pump is designed for reliable water supply in agricultural and domestic settings. It can be used for various tasks, including:

  • Irrigation of crops and gardens
  • Filling tanks and containers
  • Transferring water from one location to another
  • Livestock watering

What are the key features of the DILI-AGRO Water Pump?

  • Brand Name: DILI-AGRO
  • Model Number: DL-WP20H
  • Pressure: Low Pressure
  • Pump Structure: Diaphragm Pump
  • Motor Model: MH168FA
  • Flow Rate: 3.6L
  • Fuel Type: Gasoline
  • Engine Power: 5.5HP
  • Pump Type: Axial Flow Pump
  • Start System: Recoil Starter
  • Additional Features:
    • Large filling opening for easy filling and cleaning
    • Corrosion-resistant tank with ergonomic shoulder strap
    • Compact design for convenient portability
    • Rugged cast iron pump body for high flow rates

Why is a reliable water supply important for farmers?

Water is essential for plant and animal growth, forming a major component of their tissues. Access to sufficient water is crucial for:

  • Growing crops and raising livestock, which are fundamental parts of our food system.
  • Irrigation systems
  • Pesticide and fertilizer application
  • Crop cooling (e.g., light irrigation)
  • Frost control

Efficient and responsible water management significantly impacts agricultural production and crop yields.

What are the consequences of insufficient water supply in agriculture?

Water scarcity is a significant limiting factor in any agricultural practice. Lack of water can have detrimental effects on:

  • Crop yields and overall farm productivity. In extreme cases of drought without alternative water sources, complete crop loss can occur.
  • Animal health and survival. Livestock can perish within days without access to water.
  • Egg production in poultry farms, as eggs are largely composed of water.
  • Milk production in dairy cows, which declines significantly when they are dehydrated.


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