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  • Cabrio Duo Fungicide is an effective, expansive range fungicide with an elevated degree of movement on significant illnesses that undermine crop yield, quality, and efficiency. It contains a functioning fixing called pyraclostrobin that makes it feasible for enhancement of infectious prevention on ranches, further developing plant wellbeing and quality.

    Step by step instructions to Mix Cabrio Duo
    Blend 150-175ml of cabrio pair to 15 liters of water. It’s affordable to get 1 liter pack than the 200ml jug in the event that you’re apply on a section of land/hectare.

    Item Features

    Bottle Size: 1 liter | 500ml | 250ml
    Pre – Emergence

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  • Elghali F1 is a mixture watermelon seed assortment with an exquisite round-oval shape. Also, it has a major, fresh, extremely sweet, scrumptious organic product size and is profoundly liked by the ranchers.
    Elghali F1 watermelon seeds is a top notch strain that can endure as long as about fourteen days after collect. This will assist with limiting misfortunes after collect and expand timeframe of realistic usability.
    Item includes:

    Bundle size: 1000 seeds.
    Natural product Weight: 12 kg.
    Longer timeframe of realistic usability.
    Seeds produce huge measured, sweet, and delicious organic product.

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  • Etna F1 is an assortment of hot pepper that produces radiant red natural products in bunches. It takes around 50 to 60days to arrive at development and is impervious to normal infections including; tobacco mosaic infection and nematodes. Soil with a PH going from somewhere in the range of 5.6 and 7.5 is appropriate for establishing Etna F1 hot pepper.

    Item Features:

    Seed Type: Hybrid
    Normal Weight: 12g
    Development: 50 – 60 Days
    Opposition: Tobacco mosaic infection and nematodes
    Bundling size: 5 g (1000 seeds).

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  • Kalenda F1 is the well known eggplant assortment around. It is made by Technisem to be perhaps the most useful eggplant variations with heaps of great trademark.

    Because of its protection from Anthracnosis and its high resistance to bacterial wither, this open field half and half can give plentiful and great creation in troublesome hot and sticky circumstances.
    The natural product is, which is profound purple in variety, is long, tube shaped and bulbous.
    Development is in 75 to 80 days.

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  • Kilele F1 cross breed Tomato (Syngenta | 1000 Seeds) is a mixture tomato for the new market with an incredible sweet taste. The assortment is known for high creation of oval shape and exceptionally firm natural products.

    Item Features:

    Organic product yield: 30-35 tons/section of land
    Organic product size: 120-130g
    Organic product Shape: Oval
    Development: 75 days subsequent to relocating

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  • Minotaur F1 cabbage is an early developing half and half cabbage by Technisem. It creates large and firm heads that are impervious to dark decay and breaking.

    Item Features:

    Development: Uniform development
    Shape: Excellent round minimal head.
    Resistance: Transports well.
    Development: 80 days.
    Bundling: 5g/sachets
    Class: Hybrid seeds.
    Seeds Quantity: 1000 seeds.

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  • Tak-Agro compost helps assume a significant part in giving plants the significant supplements they need to develop and be collected for nutritious food. Tak-Agro compost is extremely wealthy in Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. These parts assume an exceptionally significant part in plants improvement and creation.

    Item Features:

    Bundle size: 50kg
    Supplement Composition: Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium
    Brand Name: TAK Agro

    Advantages Of Tak-Agro Fertilizer
    Tak-Agro manure assists in expanding the harvest with yielding.
    This item affects crops.
    Tak-Agro compost assists with further developing soil surface and soil ripeness.

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  • We offer Strim Herbicide which is a pre-new or early post-emanant herbicide with an adversarial impact against a wide scope of weeds.

    It is a particular and foundational pre-development herbicide for control of yearly expansive leaved and grass weeds in maize, sorghum, cotton, sugar stick, soybeans and peanuts.
    It is bundled in 1-liter jugs.
    Submit a request now, we convey cross country.

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