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Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds (Technisem Brand) -5g

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Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds is an early developing half and half cabbage by Technisem. It creates large and firm heads that are impervious to dark decay and breaking.

Item Features:

Development: Uniform development
Shape: Excellent round minimal head.
Resistance: Transports well.
Development: 80 days.
Bundling: 5g/sachets
Class: Hybrid seeds.
Seeds Quantity: 1000 seeds.

Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds (Tec...

Original price was: ₦4,500.00.Current price is: ₦4,100.00.

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Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds

Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds is an early developing half breed cabbage by Technisem. It delivers enormous and firm heads that are impervious to dark decay and breaking. The has an exceptionally strong white inside and generally speaking great quality. This assortment is great for new business sectors and transportation.

Step by step instructions to Plant Cabbage
Dig an opening of 2-3cm profound and embed a seed for every opening. You can utilize nursery packs, sack packs, and surface rubbers in raising the seedlings.

Relocate the seedlings to the primary field you are utilizing for cabbage cultivating following 3 a month. They ought to be 14-16cm high right now or when they show 4-5 leaves.

The separating ought to be 45cm separated and the lines 45-60cm separated. Their dispersing additionally relies upon the kind of assortment you are planting. Early cabbage requires 50-70 days, mid-season cabbage requires 70-90 days while late-season requires 90-125 days.

Before when you ought to establish the harvest, water the beds enthusiastically to guarantee that, there is sufficient dampness in the dirt to lay out the plant. Relocate the seedlings at night or when the weather conditions is cold in other to keep them from scotch and shock from the intensity.

The dirt P.H ought to be between 6.5-7.5. Cabbage seed requires around 5-17 days to develop, the germination days change for various assortments.

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Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds are a hybrid variety known for producing large, firm heads that resist black decay and cracking. They have a crisp white interior and are ideal for fresh markets and transportation.

How do I plant Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds?

  1. Seeding: Dig a hole 2-3cm deep and plant one seed per hole. You can use nursery packs, seedling trays, or directly sow outdoors.
  2. Germination: Cabbage seeds typically germinate within 5-17 days, although this can vary depending on the variety.
  3. Transplanting (Optional): If using nursery packs or trays, transplant seedlings to the main field after 3 months when they reach 14-16cm tall or have 4-5 leaves.
  4. Spacing: Space plants 45cm apart within rows, with rows spaced 45-60cm apart. Spacing may vary slightly depending on the specific cabbage variety.
  5. Maturity: Depending on the seasonality, maturity ranges from 50-125 days:
    • Early cabbage: 50-70 days
    • Mid-season cabbage: 70-90 days
    • Late-season cabbage: 90-125 days
  6. Harvesting: Water the soil thoroughly before harvest to ensure easy removal. Harvest mature heads in the evening or cooler weather to minimize stress on the plants.
  7. Soil pH: Cabbage prefers a soil pH between 6.5-7.5.

What are the benefits of Minotaur F1 Cabbage Seeds?

  • Early maturity: Produces large heads quickly compared to some other cabbage varieties.
  • Large, firm heads: Ideal for fresh markets and withstand transportation well.
  • Disease resistance: Resists black decay for improved yield.
  • High quality: Crisp white interior with excellent overall quality.


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