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  • The Darina F1 half and half Cucumber seeds from Monsanto is a high yielding quality natural product that fits in all business sectors. An energetic developing further plant is profoundly impervious to nuisances and sicknesses. Its organic product turns out in a wonderful dim green tone with white thistles in the size of 20-23 cm.


    Seeds Package size: 10/25g
    Subsection: Open field
    Item length: 20-23 cm
    Developing Environment: Green House (Protected)
    Natural product tone: Dark green
    Development: 45-50 days
    Natural product Length: 23-25cm
    Yield: 30 t/section of land
    Obstruction: Resistant to the cucumber infection vaginal yellowing and scab sickness. Incidental protection from the mosaic infection from cucumber and fine mold.

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  • Here’s a gorgeous all-purpose slicing/pickling type. The plants are of bush habit, usually running no more than 18”, making them superior for small gardens, containers, or anywhere space is tight. Fruits hold well on the plants, so avoiding the need for constant picking. Plants are also tolerant of Downy Mildew, which is so often a problem in humid-summer climates. The bumpy, brightly striped exterior is particularly attractive as well. A superb new Polish variety!

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    variety : ESMARA - MARKETE - POINTSE
  • Poinsett cucumber seed is an assortment of cucumber that can be developed whenever outside with a Maturity of 50 – 55days. This half and half is best for mew ranchers that are attempting to check cucumber development out.
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  • We provide Saira F1, a hybrid cucumber seed variety with outstanding plant traits.

    Saira F1 fruit is appealing, green in color, 17–19 cm long, and weighs 160–175 g.

    This type requires 40–42 days to be harvested.

    They can withstand harsh conditions and diseases well.

    Order today; we deliver across the country.

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  • Assortment: Shalini F1

    Organic product
    • Incredibly high consistency

    • Sparkling green tone

    • 20-22 cm length

    • Best time span of usability and organic product quality

    • Earliness

    • High return

    • Long cycle creation

    Amount : 10g

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  • Super Gro agrarian bio-manure is a fluid multi-reason rural surfactant explicitly figured out to work with all types of current harvest medicines and application gear.

    Item includes

    It increments crop development significantly quicker.
    Super Gro agrarian fluid manure helps shields crops from illnesses.
    Supports crops return for benefits.
    It safeguards crops/plants from sicknesses.
    It increments crops/plants life range.
    It is protected and simple to utilize; non-poisonous and contains no grating or unsafe fixings.

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  • Tokyo F1 Cucumber (Technisem seeds) is a better cutting assortment for outside and indoor culture. The organic product setting is high on the principal stem and on implications also. Organic products are alluring and dim green. Organic product quality is guaranteed thanks to numerous illness resiliences.

    Item Features

    Plant: Vigorous, short internodes, a few consequences
    Shape: straight and round and hollow
    Length: 18-20 cm
    Variety: Uniform dim green
    Organic product: Few spines
    Development: 50-55 days from transplantation to collect
    Resiliences: Downy mold, Powdery buildup.
    Bundle size: 50g

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