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Cucumber Hybrid Seeds (Darina F1) -25g


Cucumber Hybrid Seeds from Monsanto is a high yielding quality natural product that fits in all business sectors. An energetic developing further plant is profoundly impervious to nuisances and sicknesses. Its organic product turns out in a wonderful dim green tone with white thistles in the size of 20-23 cm.


Seeds Package size: 10/25g
Subsection: Open field
Item length: 20-23 cm
Developing Environment: Green House (Protected)
Natural product tone: Dark green
Development: 45-50 days
Natural product Length: 23-25cm
Yield: 30 t/section of land
Obstruction: Resistant to the cucumber infection vaginal yellowing and scab sickness. Incidental protection from the mosaic infection from cucumber and fine mold.

Cucumber Hybrid Seeds Cucumber Hybrid Seeds (Darina ...


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Cucumber Hybrid Seeds is one of the most useful cucumber seeds accessible on the lookout. Cucumber Hybrid Seeds are generally dark green in variety with a major size and round and hollow shape. Cucumber Hybrid Seeds dominatingly female blossoms and may not be guaranteed to require honey bees for fertilization.

Cucumber Hybrid Seeds can be established lasting through the year in all areas inside tropical natural circumstances including Nigeria. That implies you can also establish this assortment in the stormy season and in the dry season.

Because of its crossover nature, this assortment of cucumber seeds is additionally extremely open minded and impervious to various illnesses and irritations like the mosaic infection from cucumber and fine mold.

Attributes Of Cucumber Hybrid Seeds
Cucumber Hybrid Seeds develops with exceptionally enormous leaves, which makes the assortment extremely proficient in the utilization of daylight for photosynthesis. This makes the plants fabricate more food and lead to improved yield and income.
Cucumber Hybrid Seeds has a lively development propensity. The plant can develop as high as 12 ft whenever marked. it means a lot to stake the cucumber on the ranch to accomplish the best outcomes.

The organic products created by Darina F1 are really dim green, and this variety quality orders better costs particularly in many pieces of Nigeria.
Darina F1 develops quicker in sweltering environment
Protection from cucumber vein yellow infection
Protection from cucumber scab infection
Protection from cucumber mosaic infection
Protection from fine mold

Advantages Of Planting Darina F1 Cucumber Seeds
You can collect up to 500-800 packs of cucumbers from one section of land of farmland (4,000 square meters) utilizing Darina F1 assortment.

A sack of cucumber weighs 40-45kg.
The dull green shade of the Darina F1 cucumber natural products requests to purchasers in the Nigerian market which orders an exceptionally exorbitant cost when contrasted with different assortments.
Darina F1 has a thick natural product divider, which makes it stay new for quite a while. Darina F1 natural products can remain new for over 7 days assuming very much kept.

The development season of this assortment of cucumber is moderately short. You can begin gathering at 40 days. This can empower you to recuperate your interest in speedy time.
You can develop this assortment anyplace in Nigeria.

It has great opposition and resilience to a ton of sicknesses and irritations.
Developing Hybrid Cucumber Darina

Appropriate land arrangement ought to be done to break hardpans.
The utilization of homestead fertilizer and manure can be applied during land planning.
A separating of 90cm by 45cm is suggested.

Suggested planting profundity 1 cm
Seed Usage Per Acre 10,000 seeds
Temperature range for Growth 22-30 degree
Ideal soil type Well depleted topsoil, sandy soil not weighty muds
Soil PH 6-6.8

Essential help comprising of posts and running wire where the plants are appended utilizing strings can be utilized.
The plant ought to be prepared to have 1 or a couple of branches for most extreme creation.
Supporting lessens illness invasion and furthermore work on the nature of organic products.

Satisfactory water system is important during planting as lacking dampness can bring about unfortunate germination.


Apply DAP during planting
Topdressing with CAN at week 3-4.
N:P:K at blooming.

Week after week use of N:P:K for somewhere around 3 weeks in the wake of blossoming will give the best outcomes.
The expansion of high Calcium and potassium compost during the natural product creation period ought to be done to work on the nature of natural products.
Bugs and sicknesses

Normal illnesses are sticky stem scourge, dark form, fleece mold, fine buildup, cucumber mosaic, watermelon mosaic, and Pythium root decay.
Significant vermin are leaf diggers, melon flies, whiteflies, aphids, thrips, and bugs.

For Control, practice crop turn and utilize fitting pesticides and fungicides for bugs and sicknesses separately.

Collect cucumbers promptly in the first part of the day and brilliantly to keep away from loss of flavor.
Pick somewhere around once after like clockwork.


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