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  • Chemical spraying or application is one of the production management practices performed in agricultural crop and livestock production in order to minimize disease challenge.

    • The motorized sprayer, therefore, enables the farmer to apply chemicals with relative ease as its usage excludes the usually stressful manual pumping action.
    • Watch the attached video for more information on the use of the power sprayer
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  • What makes this rodent executioner different is on the grounds that it is undeniably more simpler to utilize. Dissimilar to different ones where you blend the rodent executioner in with another consumable substance that the rodent will eat, for this one you simply break the rodent executioner and spot them at stowed away spot close to edges of your divider.

    This is about six pack which contain 6 sachet of force kill. It portion the occupation in one feed.

    Keep far away from kids, store in a cool and Dry spot.

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