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  • High and good yield  under different conditions (thanks to a good tolerance to Anthracnose), KAOLACK is famous in sub Saharan countries.

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  • Baronesa RZ F1 Watermelon is an enormous size dark cultivated watermelon with exceptionally uniform foods grown from the ground dim green skin with dark red tissue. Sugar content is high, the plant areas of strength for is, little leaves and an incredible leaf cover that gives less issues of burn from the sun.

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  • Elghali F1 is a mixture watermelon seed assortment with an exquisite round-oval shape. Also, it has a major, fresh, extremely sweet, scrumptious organic product size and is profoundly liked by the ranchers.
    Elghali F1 watermelon seeds is a top notch strain that can endure as long as about fourteen days after collect. This will assist with limiting misfortunes after collect and expand timeframe of realistic usability.
    Item includes:

    Bundle size: 1000 seeds.
    Natural product Weight: 12 kg.
    Longer timeframe of realistic usability.
    Seeds produce huge measured, sweet, and delicious organic product.

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  • Greytop F1 Hybrid Watermelon from Sakata Seeds is a decent natural product setting crossover watermelon with high sugar content to appreciate most extreme fulfillment.

    Populace Guide: 6 000 last stands for every hectare.
    Seed type: Hybrid
    Pack size: 1000 seeds
    Variety: Light green with fine dull green stripes
    Development Date: 80 – 90 days in the wake of planting.

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  • The watermelon kaolack seeds develop as oval-formed natural products, enormous size, light green strip. This barrel-shaped round melon is called a cooler kind since fitting in the refrigerator is sufficiently sizeable.

    These seeds are generally adjusted, light green outwardly and radiant red, firm, and fine-grained inward tissue that is really sweet.
    It has awesome protection from fusarium and anthracnosis (Colletotrichum legendarium).
    This item is very much appreciated and one of the most well-known watermelon seeds filled in Nigeria.

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  • Odyssey F1 half and half watermelon seeds (1000 Seeds) is an early cross breed watermelon that has most extreme treatment and exceptionally wealthy in supplement. Additionally exceptionally impervious to sicknesses.

    Item Features:

    Variety: Dark green
    Weight: 10 – 12kg.
    A high level of sugar.
    Simple to relocate.

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  • Seed Count: 1000.
    Quality Watermelon seeds, planned for the flow and the accompanying developing season. It accompanies a full representation, as well as point by point planting directions.
    Seeds will create delightfully sweet organic products that weigh somewhere in the range of 20 to 25 pounds. The hard external skin is green and the tissue is dark red.
    Every plant can create somewhere close to 2 to 4 melons, contingent upon developing circumstances.
    These succulent bites will be prepared for collecting in around 90 days after the main fledglings show up.
    All Watermelon seeds are Non-GMO based seed items and are planned for the flow and the accompanying developing season. All seeds are created from open-pollinated plants, put away in a temperature-controlled office and continually moved out because of fame.

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  • Watermelon kaolack seeds develop as oval-formed organic product, huge size, light green strip.

    Due to their tube shaped round shape, they are frequently called the “cooler sort” and they are sufficiently sizeable to fit in the fridge.
    It has superb protection from fusarium and anthracnosis (Colletotrichum legendarium).
    Planting is 350-400g per hectare.
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    Watermelon Kaolack: Product highlights
    Planting: 350-400g per hectare.
    Distance: 4-5 seeds for every opening. Meager out while grew leaving the most grounded plant.
    Long stretches of development: 70-90 days.
    Bundle size: 100g.
    Natural product weight: 5-6kg.
    Natural product skin tone: Light green, with fine medium green stripes.
    Internal tissue highlights: Red tone, crunchy and sweet.

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