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Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds (1000 Seeds)


Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds is an early cross breed watermelon that has most extreme treatment and exceptionally wealthy in supplement. Additionally exceptionally impervious to sicknesses.

Item Features:

Variety: Dark green
Weight: 10 – 12kg.
A high level of sugar.
Simple to relocate.

Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon S...


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Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds

Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds is an early mixture watermelon that has greatest treatment and extremely wealthy in supplement. It is areas of strength for a watermelon simple to develop.

Elements of Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds

Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds is an early mixture with remarkable flesh, green stripes and Elongated.
Variety: Dark green
Early high return cross breed.
Oval products of the soil.
Incredible resilience to upsetting circumstances particularly toward the start of the time.

Weight: 10 – 12kg.
A high level of sugar.
Simple to ship.
Incredible taste.
Medical advantage of Odyssey F1 watermelon

Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds is a sweet and reviving low-calorie summer nibble since it gives hydration and fundamental supplements, including nutrients, minerals, and cancer prevention agents.
It hydrates and encourages you since watermelon has high water content.

In view of the presence of cell reinforcements present in watermelon, it forestalls hypertension, stoutness and so on.
It forestalls cell harm from revolutionaries as a result of the presence of Vitamin C
They have been examined to forestall disease due to the presence of the cancer prevention agent’s lycopene cucurbitacin E.
They have calming intensifies which forestall constant sicknesses brought about by aggravation.
Assists with keeping the eyes sound due to the cancer prevention agent lycopene.

A few supplements in watermelon are great for your hair and skin since they assist with keeping skin graceful while others safeguard against burn from the sun.
It helps assimilation since it contains fiber.
Step by step instructions to establish Odyssey F1 watermelon

Plant from pre-summer to late-spring once soil temperatures arrive at 70° F or above.
Plant 8 to 10 seeds in an edge, and drive seeds 1 inch into the dirt.
Space edge 3 to 4 feet separated, with no less than 8 feet between columns.

Keep soil liberated from weeds by shallow digging or with a layer of mulch.
Space seeds 3 to 5 feet separated in supplement rich, all around depleted soil with a pH of 6.0 to 6.8.
Give establishes a remarkable beginning to the developing season by working on local soil with a few creeps of matured manure or other rich natural matter.

Predictable water supply is basic to developing immense delightful watermelon; introduce a soaker hose or trickle water system for best outcomes. Try not to wet the leaves.
Keep them very much taken care of with a ceaseless stockpile of supplements by utilizing a sluggish delivery compost consistently on the grounds that watermelons have enormous hungers.
Keep youthful melons off the ground with a bed of straw.
Collect watermelons when they abandon splendid to dull green. They ought to sound empty when you thump on them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds

What are Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds?

Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds are a type of early-maturing watermelon known for their excellent yield, rich nutrient content, and ease of growth.

What are the key features of Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds?

  • Early harvest time
  • Striking striped flesh with an elongated shape
  • Dark green rind
  • High resistance to stress, especially early in the season
  • Large fruit size (10-12kg)
  • High sugar content for a sweet taste
  • Easy to transport

What are the health benefits of Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon?

  • Hydrating and refreshing
  • Low in calories
  • Provides essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants
  • Supports healthy blood pressure
  • May help reduce the risk of obesity
  • May protect against cell damage
  • May have anti-inflammatory properties
  • May promote eye health
  • May benefit hair and skin health
  • Aids in digestion due to its fiber content

How do I plant Odyssey F1 Hybrid Watermelon Seeds?

  • Plant in late spring or early summer when soil temperatures reach 70°F (21°C) or above.
  • Sow 8-10 seeds per hill, planting them 1 inch deep.
  • Space hills 3-4 feet apart, with at least 8 feet between rows.
  • Keep the soil weed-free through shallow cultivation or mulching.
  • Water regularly, using a soaker hose or drip irrigation system for best results. Avoid wetting the leaves.
  • Provide consistent fertilization with a slow-release fertilizer throughout the growing season as watermelons are heavy feeders.
  • Support young melons with a bed of straw to keep them off the ground.
  • Harvest watermelons when they turn from glossy to dull green and sound hollow when thumped.


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