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Tomato Hybrid seeds -Sahara F1 (Sakata Brand)


You want to establish tomato seeds of the best assortment on your ranch? Tomato Hybrid seeds -Sahara F1 is a lot of accessible here!

We convey Tomato Hybrid seeds -Sahara F1 with an amazing sweet taste, which is a determinate cross breed assortment. It is likewise known for the ideal creation of exceptionally firm, oval-formed natural products.

Tomato Hybrid seeds -Sahara F1 matures 74 days subsequent to relocating. This item is profoundly reasonable for dry season cultivating. It is additionally truly appropriate for all homegrown business sectors where the interest is for stretched and oval tomato organic products shape.

Bundle Size: 1000 seeds.

Conveyance is across the country.

Tomato Hybrid seeds -Sahara F1 Tomato Hybrid seeds -Sahara F1...


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Tomato Hybrid seeds -Sahara F1

Sahara F1 is a tomato crossover with an exceptional sweet taste. This assortment is known for its high oval-formed, stretched, and exceptionally firm natural product quality. In addition, it is appropriate for all African homegrown business sectors where extended organic products are requested.

Tomato Hybrid seeds -Sahara F1 Characteristics
Nursery: 3 a month.
Earliness: Early to medium.
Development: 74 days post-transplantation.
Plant: extremely vigorous, solid cover, and high return.

Creation/yield: 30-35 tons/section of land under great cultivating rehearses.
Organic product: Very impressive lengthened, ungreen back, smooth and strong oval harvest with a typical load of 120-130gm.
Structure: Oval.
Period of usability: About 21 days.
Guidelines for Planting: 10,000 Seeds for Every Acre.

Wholesome Digest Of Tomatoes:
Tomatoes’ water content is around 95%, with the other 5% being prevalently starches and fiber. Tomatoes additionally have solid nutrient and mineral sources like L-ascorbic acid, potassium, vitamin K, nutrient B9 (folate), and so forth. Having tomatoes in the eating regimen can assist with forestalling disease, keep up with sound circulatory strain, and decrease blood glucose levels in diabetes patients, what’s more, they contain fundamental carotenoids like lutein and lycopene. They can safeguard the eye from light-instigated harm.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Sahara F1 Tomato Hybrid Seeds

What are Sahara F1 Tomato Hybrid Seeds?

Sahara F1 is a high-yielding tomato hybrid known for its exceptionally sweet taste, elongated oval shape, and firmness. It’s suitable for African domestic markets that prefer larger tomatoes.

What are the benefits of Sahara F1 Tomato Hybrid Seeds?

  • Excellent Sweet Taste: Produces delicious tomatoes with a superior sweetness.
  • High Yield: Delivers abundant harvests, with potential yields of 30-35 tons per acre under good agricultural practices.
  • Early to Medium Maturity: Reaches maturity in 74 days after transplanting, allowing for faster harvests.
  • Elongated Fruit Shape: Produces long, oval-shaped tomatoes preferred by many African markets.
  • Excellent Shelf Life: Fruits have a shelf life of about 21 days after harvest.
  • Disease Resistance: (Information not provided, but it’s recommended to check with the supplier)
  • Strong Plant Characteristics: Features a vigorous plant with good foliage cover.


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